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Chapter 1. Login Module Overview

The basics of login modules and their use within security domains are covered in the Security Domains section in the JBoss EAP Security Architecture guide.

1.1. About the Organization of this Document

The login modules covered in this document are organized into the following functional areas:

Login Module Functional Organization

This guide also provides reference information for related topics such as authorization modules, password stacking and password hashing.

1.2. Extension Hierarchy

The vast majority of the login modules covered in this document actually extend the configuration options and functionality of other login modules. The structure the login modules use to extend functionality forms a hierarchy:

Most of the login modules in the hierarchy are concrete Java classes that are instantiated and used by JBoss EAP, but there are a few abstract classes that cannot be instantiated and used directly. The purpose of these abstract classes are to provide common functionality and to serve purely as a base class for other login modules to extend.


By default, login modules inherit all behavior and options from login modules they extend, but they may also override that behavior from their parent login module. In some cases, this may lead to certain options that are inherited by a login module from their parent but go unused.