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Chapter 1. Introduction

1.1. About Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 7

Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 7 (JBoss EAP) is a middleware platform built on open standards and compliant with the Java Enterprise Edition 7 specification. It integrates WildFly Application Server 10 with messaging, high-availability clustering, and other technologies.

JBoss EAP includes a modular structure that allows service enabling only when required, improving startup speed.

The management console and management command-line interface (CLI) make editing XML configuration files unnecessary and add the ability to script and automate tasks.

JBoss EAP provides two operating modes for JBoss EAP instances: standalone server or managed domain. The standalone server operating mode represents running JBoss EAP as a single server instance. The managed domain operating mode allows for the management of multiple JBoss EAP instances from a single control point.

In addition, JBoss EAP includes APIs and development frameworks for quickly developing secure and scalable Java EE applications.

1.2. About the Getting Started Guide

The purpose of this guide is to get you up and running with JBoss EAP quickly. It covers administrative tasks such as basic installation, management, and configuration for JBoss EAP. This guide also helps developers get started writing Java EE 7 applications by using the JBoss EAP quickstarts.

To learn more, see the entire JBoss EAP documentation suite.