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Chapter 2. Launching a JBoss EAP Instance on Amazon EC2 Console

You can launch a JBoss EAP instance on Amazon EC2 using the EC2 console.


You can also launch an instance using the AWS Command Line Interface. For more information about AWS CLI, see AWS CLI.

  1. Open the Amazon EC2 console.
  2. From the Amazon EC2 console, click AMIs.

    Figure 2.1. Amazon EC2 Console

    Amazon EC2 Dashboard
  3. Search for jbeap AMI in Private images and select the AMI. For example, RHEL-7.2_HVM_GA-JBEAP-7.0.0-20160516-x86_64-1-Access2-GP2.
  4. Choose an instance type. For more information on supported Amazon EC2 instance types, see Supported Amazon EC2 Instance Types.
  5. In the Configure Instance Details section, configure the instance settings.
  6. In the Advanced Details section, User data box, you can paste the sample script to run JBoss EAP when the instance is launched. For information about the sample script, see Launching JBoss EAP on Amazon EC2 Using Script.


    If you have some specific requirements, you can specify the storage, tag the instance, and configure the security group details.

  7. Click Review and Launch. This takes you directly to the Review Instance Launch page.
  8. Click Launch to choose a key pair and launch the instance.

If you have not selected a key pair, you need to specify a key pair before you launch an instance.