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Chapter 13. Scheduling Messages

You can specify a time in the future, at the earliest, for a message to be delivered. This can be done by setting the _AMQ_SCHED_DELIVERY scheduled delivery property before the message is sent.

The specified value must be a positive long that corresponds to the time in milliseconds for the message to be delivered. Below is an example of sending a scheduled message using the JMS API.

// Create a message to be delivered in 5 seconds
TextMessage message = session.createTextMessage("This is a scheduled message message that will be delivered in 5 sec.");
message.setLongProperty("_AMQ_SCHED_DELIVERY", System.currentTimeMillis() + 5000);


// The message will not be received immediately, but 5 seconds later
TextMessage messageReceived = (TextMessage) consumer.receive();

Scheduled messages can also be sent using the core API by setting the _AMQ_SCHED_DELIVERY property before sending the message.