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Chapter 17. Configuring Delayed Redelivery

Delayed redelivery to an address is defined by the redelivery-delay attribute of an address-setting configuration element. If a redelivery delay is specified, JBoss EAP waits for the duration of this delay before redelivering messages. If redelivery-delay is set to 0, there is no redelivery delay. To get the current value of redelivery-delay for a given address-setting, use the following management CLI command as an example.


The table below lists the configuration attributes of an address-setting that can be used to configure the redelivery of messages. Set the value for a given attribute using the following management CLI command as an example.


Table 17.1. Delivery Related Attributes of Address Settings



Defines how many time a canceled message can be redelivered before sending to the dead-letter-address. The default is 10.


Maximum value for the redelivery-delay (in ms). The default is 0.


Defines how long to wait in milliseconds before attempting redelivery of a canceled message. The default is 0.


Multiplier to apply to the redelivery-delay parameter. The default is 1.0

See Address Settings for details on configuring an address-setting.