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Part I. About Messaging and JBoss EAP 7

The messaging broker in JBoss EAP 6 was called HornetQ, a JBoss community project. The HornetQ codebase was donated to the Apache ActiveMQ project, and the HornetQ community joined that project to enhance the donated codebase and create a next-generation messaging broker. The result is Apache ActiveMQ Artemis, the messaging broker for JBoss EAP 7, providing messaging consolidation and backwards compatibility with JBoss EAP 6. While ActiveMQ Artemis retains protocol compatibility with the HornetQ broker in JBoss EAP 6, it also contains some smart new features. This guide will explore, and provide useful examples for, the many features of the ActiveMQ Artemis broker available in JBoss EAP 7.0.