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2.4. Uninstall JBoss EAP 6 (Zip Installation)


Backup any modified configuration files and deployments that may be reused in a later instance.


This section covers the steps required to uninstall a Zip installation of JBoss EAP 6.

Procedure 2.3. Uninstall JBoss EAP 6 (Zip installation)

  1. Go to the directory where you had extracted the JBoss EAP 6 folder from the Zip file.
  2. Delete the installation directory.

    JBoss EAP 6 installs in a single directory when you use the Zip installation method. Delete the installation directory to uninstall JBoss EAP 6.
  3. Optional: Delete any initialization scripts you created.

    If you created initialization scripts or other scripts which depended upon JBoss EAP 6 being installed on your computer, delete them.

JBoss EAP 6 is uninstalled from the server.