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A.3. RPM Package List for JBoss EAP 6


JBoss EAP 6 is installed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 using the YUM package group JBoss EAP 6. That group is made up of the following packages.

Table A.5. Package List

Package Description
jbossas-appclient JEE Application Client Container
jbossas-core Core components. This is required for all configurations.
jbossas-domain Domain configuration
jbossas-hornetq-native Container for the JBoss AS HornetQ files
jbossas-jbossweb-native JBoss Enterprise Web Platform
jbossas-modules-eap JBoss EAP modules
jbossas-product-eap Product configuration components. This customizes product execution.
jbossas-standalone Standalone configuration
jbossas-welcome-content-eap Welcome content used in startup messages and console pages


The jbossas-hornetq-native package is included for high availability in JBoss EAP 6 but it is not activated by default.


OSGi is not supported in JBoss EAP. For more information, refer article on Customer Portal.