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2.2. JBoss EAP 6 Installation Prerequisites

Each installation process for JBoss EAP 6 has a number of prerequisites. This section covers the common requirements, as well as those that are installation specific.

Table 2.2. JBoss EAP 6 prerequisites for installation

Installation type Prerequisites
Common Prerequisites
ZIP/Installer Prerequisites
  • Administration privileges for the installation directory.
  • Ensure that a supported Java development kit has been installed.
  • On Microsoft Windows Server, ensure that the JAVA_HOME and PATH environment variables have been set, otherwise shortcuts will not work.
  • On Hewlett-Packard HP-UX, ensure that an unzip utility has been installed.
RPM Prerequisites
From Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, the term channel was replaced with the term repository.
  • Register the server on the Red Hat Network (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and 6) or using Red Hat Subscription Manager (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7). For more information on the registration process, see the Using and Configuring Red Hat Subscription Manager guide at
  • Ensure that a supported Java development kit has been installed. The Java development kit RPM must provide and export the java capability to the system.
  • Subscribe to the following channels, which apply to all versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and all architectures:
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server base and supplementary software channels/repositories appropriate to your Red Hat Enterprise Linux version. The supplementary channel/repository is required for the installation of the Java development kit.
    • JBoss Enterprise Application Platform channel or repository. For details of the appropriate channel or repository, see Section 2.6, “RPM Installation”
  • If the host architecture is ppc64 subscribe to the following channel/repository.
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, subscribe to the rhel-ppc64-server-optional-6 channel.
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, subscribe to the rhel-7-for-power-server-optional-rpms-7Server repository.
  • If the host architecture is x86_64 there are no extra prerequisites.
  • For the list of packages that must be installed in order to use JBoss EAP with a dependency, see Section A.3, “RPM Package List for JBoss EAP 6”.