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18.8. Java Authentication SPI for Containers (JASPI)

18.8.1. About Java Authentication SPI for Containers (JASPI) Security

Java Authentication SPI for Containers (JASPI or JASPIC) is a pluggable interface for Java applications. It is defined in JSR-196 of the Java Community Process. Refer to for details about the specification.

18.8.2. Configure Java Authentication SPI for Containers (JASPI) Security

To authenticate against a JASPI provider, add a <authentication-jaspi> element to your security domain. The configuration is similar to a standard authentication module, but login module elements are enclosed in a <login-module-stack> element. The structure of the configuration is:

Example 18.55. Structure of the authentication-jaspi element

	<login-module-stack name="...">
	  <login-module code="..." flag="...">
	    <module-option name="..." value="..."/>
	<auth-module code="..." login-module-stack-ref="...">
	  <module-option name="..." value="..."/>

The login module itself is configured in exactly the same way as a standard authentication module.
Because the web-based management console does not expose the configuration of JASPI authentication modules, you need to stop JBoss EAP 6 completely before adding the configuration directly to EAP_HOME/domain/configuration/domain.xml or EAP_HOME/standalone/configuration/standalone.xml.