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16.3. Configure the HTTP Timeout per Application

The HTTP session timeout defines the period after which a HTTP session is considered to have become invalid because there was no activity within the specified period.
The HTTP session timeout can be configured in several places. In order of precedence these are:
  • Application - defined in the application's web.xml configuration file.
  • Server - specified via the default-session-timeout attribute.
  • Default - 30 minutes.

Procedure 16.1.  Configure the HTTP Timeout per Application

  1. Edit the application's WEB-INF/web.xml file.
  2. Add the following configuration XML to the file, changing 30 to the desired timeout (in minutes).
  3. If you modified the WAR file, redeploy the application. If you exploded the WAR file, no further action is required because JBoss EAP will automatically undeploy and redeploy the application.