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Chapter 9. JBoss MBean Services

9.1. Writing JBoss MBean Services

Writing a custom MBean service that relies on a JBoss service requires the service interface method pattern. JBoss MBean service interface method pattern consists of a set of life cycle operations which inform an MBean service when it can create, start, stop, and destroy itself.
You can manage the dependency state using any of the following approaches:
  • If you want specific methods to be called on your MBean, declare those methods in your MBean interface. This approach allows your MBean implementation to avoid dependencies on JBoss specific classes
  • If you are not bothered about dependencies on JBoss specific classes then you may have your MBean interface extend the ServiceMBean interface and ServiceMBeanSupport class. The ServiceMBeanSupport class provides implementations of the service lifecycle methods like create, start and stop. To handle a specific event like the start()event, you need to override startService() method provided by the ServiceMBeanSupport class.