Chapter 3. Known Issues

The following sections list the most important known issues for this release.

3.1. Fuse Tooling 8.0.0.Final

  • FUSETOOLS-1986 - "Debug as local camel context" is not working for Blueprint DSL with Camel 2.15.1.redhat-621084 "Gave up waiting for service (objectClass=org.apache.camel.CamelContext)"
  • FUSETOOLS-2007 - Switching between edit parts of displayed route causes error on Fedora when webkitgtk is not installed
  • FUSETOOLS-2083 - RSS component throws away feed parameters
  • FUSETOOLS-1905 - Avoid "overriding managed version" when creating a new project

3.2. SwitchYard 2.1.0.Final

  • SWITCHYARD-2960 - Performance issues with SY tooling
  • SWITCHYARD-2907 - NPE when activating the SY design editor after modifying the version of a capability

3.3. BPMN2 1.2.5.Final

  • RHBPMS-4295 - Elements can not be moved from containers
  • BZ-1324360 - Morphing of task validates old attributes