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9.0.0 Release Notes

Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack 9.0

Information about this release of JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack

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These release notes contain important information related to JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack. New features and resolved issues of this product release are detailed here.

1. About Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack

Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack is a set of Eclipse-based development tools. It further enhances the IDE functionality provided by JBoss Developer Studio, with plug-ins specifically for use when developing for other Red Hat JBoss products.
JBoss Fuse Development plug-ins provide tooling for Red Hat JBoss Fuse, specifically for integrating and developing software components that work with Apache ServiceMix, ActiveMQ and Camel.
JBoss Business Process and Rules Development plug-ins provides design, debug and testing tooling for developing business processes for Red Hat JBoss BRMS and Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite. For more information, see the Red Hat JBoss BRMS Getting Started Guide and Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite Getting Started Guide.
JBoss Data Virtualization Development plug-ins provide a graphical interface to manage various aspects of Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization instances, including the ability to design virtual databases and interact with associated governance repositories. For more information, see the Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization User Guide.
JBoss Integration and SOA Development plug-ins provide tooling for developing, configuring and deploying SwitchYard and Fuse applications to Red Hat JBoss Fuse Service Works, Red Hat JBoss Fuse and Fuse Fabric containers, Apache ServiceMix, and Apache Karaf instances. For more information, see the Red Hat JBoss Fuse Service Works User Guide, Red Hat JBoss Fuse Tooling User Guide and Red Hat JBoss Fuse Tooling Tutorials.
JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack and JBoss Developer Studio are released asynchronously and current information on each of the JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack components can be found in the associated Red Hat JBoss product documentation. The documentation is available from on the Red Hat Customer Portal.

2. About this Release

JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack 9.0.0 GA is an upgrade for JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack 8.0.6.
  • It contains new features and fixes for the following released components:
    • BPMN2 modeler 1.2.4.Final
    • Drools 6.4.1.Final
  • It contains new features and fixes for the following JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack 8.0.6 components released as Early Access:
    • Fuse 8.0.0.Beta2
    • SwitchYard 2.1.0.Beta3
    • Teiid Designer 10.0.0.Beta3


    Components of JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack that are still under development and released as Early Access may not be immediately visible in the Software/Update tab under JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack. To list early access components, in the Software/Update tab click the Enable Early Access check box and review the Early Access Features declaration.


JBoss SOA Tooling (such as ESB and jBPM3) are deprecated and will be removed in the subsequent version of JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack.
For a complete list of components in this release, together with information about operating systems, chip architectures and Java developer kits supported by this release, see on the Red Hat Customer Portal.

3. Resolved Issues

3.1. BPMN2 Modeler 1.2.4.Final

  • Bug 462928 - Latest commit on luna (changes from Flavio) make diagram unsaveable after reopening.
  • Bug 466765 - Manual and Automatic Connection Routers cause NPE.
  • Bug 466529 - Association link starting form message flow's message figure make diagram unsaveable
  • Bug 462970 - SubProcess added via menu displayed on elements absorbs inner elements.
  • RH Bug 1211611 - Duplicated column "Name" in list of errors
  • RH Bug 1189454 - Multiple-Instance Loop Characteristics and process variables are not linked. Added a Java typespec field editor to support parameterized Java types.
  • RH Bug 1213445 - User can't specify Interface for Service Task. Added ability to edit Interface name and implementation from ServiceTask, ReceiveTask and SendTask Operation editor.
  • Bug 467747 - ObjectPropertyProvider does not cleanup it's resource
  • Bug 471357 - target runtime refactoring
  • BPMSPL-124 - Task metadata being improperly stored in I18NText database table.
  • Bug 1253594 - Diagram Editor does not allow to use a variable for "called element" in CallActivity
  • JBPM-4753 - Selection change handler in DesignEditor class should be filtering out events that do not apply to the current editor instance.
  • Bug 477003 - UI should use EMF Enumerator class' getName() instead of literal value for string externalization.
  • Bug 476672 - jBPM Process ID validation is incorrect
  • RH Bug 1235689 - Custom Service Task is losing information after round-tripping from Web Designer to JBDS
  • Bug 477103 - Incorrect use of "targetNamespace" to identify the Target Runtime of a bpmn2 file
  • RH Bug 1263526 - Conditional boundary event can't be edited. Caused by a regression during TargetRuntime refactoring.
  • Bug 479972 - fix palette viewer labels for translations
  • Bug 480775 - DND of an Activity onto a Connection does not position the new Activity correctly
  • Bug 479851 - Context menu Documentation Dialog does not store correct Documentation object
  • RH Bug 1227392 - Second level sub-process connections not rendering correctly
  • RH Bug 1265413 - Multi Instance subprocess not valid when validated
  • RH Bug 1263551 - Missing General tab in 'Edit Lane' popup. This always forces the display of a Tab in the popup dialog, even if there is only one Tab.
  • Bug 480881 - Morph element that involves a compound feature causes ClassCastException
  • RH Bug 1211647 - Definition of 'Data Type' in 'Create New Error' dialog fails
  • Bug 465939 - Call activity loop cause StackOverflowException
  • Bug 464052 - Adding a 3rd Pool element is not working correctly when Full-Profile is active
  • RH Bug 1218267 - Using escalation discards data type of process variable
  • Bug 481761 - Regression: Message selection for MessageFlow should be a combo box
  • RH Bug 1249658 - Input parameters of throw event affect process variables
  • RH Bug 1232661 - Property "independent" is set to 'false' when CallActivity is created by jBDS
  • Bug 482083 - bindAttribute - ObjectEditor is not working in some scenarios
  • RH Bug 1188592 - Mapping Message from Receive Task to process variable
  • Bug 485268 - The editor directly fetches the dtd from internet without looking into the XLM catalog
  • JBTIS-471 - Updated license and provider for Red Hat/JBoss
  • JBTIS-172 - Renamed the jBPM5 feature to just jBPM to avoid confusion
  • JBPM-4860 - Can not save file because "No targetNamespace defined"
  • RH Bug 1288044 - Scroll bar does not change size dynamically making content inaccessible
  • Bug 486289 - NPE when adding list items
  • RH Bug 1279289 - Multiple "None StartEvent"s should be validated by BPMN2 editor in JBDS
  • RH Bug 1141619 - Boundary event should not be attached to Script Task in JBDS for jBPM
  • Bug 486320 - Validation Error for an Property Fully qualified name
  • Bug 429639 - Scan classpath for .wid/.conf files to add Custom Task to the palette
  • Bug 486970 - Only Group name should be exposed by Group Property page for jBPM
  • Bug 484071 - Drag and drop of call activity is corrupting the sequence flow
  • Bug 483689 - ScriptTasks allow only 255 characters
  • Bug 487503 - Switching from one editor to the other produces a SWTException
  • RH Bug 1293238 - Not possible to add metadata entry
  • Bug 393034 - Map Interface to ServiceTask
  • Bug 488131 - Select All + Delete causes NPE when Boundary Event is involved
  • Bug 488219 - 'I/O Parameters' tab not rendered correctly
  • RH Bug 1309950 - MetaData Tag Introduces Bad Namespace
  • RH Bug 1309953 - Improve property page redrawing by using a UIJob
  • Bug 488503 - ResourcePropertyTester NPE prevents proper validation
  • Bug 488792 - Tool Palette extension point not working as expected
  • Bug 488717 - wrong layout of property tabs in property Dialog - createBindings() method
  • Bug 488889 - MultInstanceLoopCharacteristics input and output data objects are not handled properly for Tasks
  • Bug 489223 - Exception while opening bpmn Editor After Mars.2 Update
  • Bug 489375 - Regression: Create Connection feature throws NPE when called from Java code
  • Bug 489266 - Unable to add text annotation association
  • Bug 489265 - Unable to add data object association
  • Bug 489442 - Activity with Boundary Events not moved correctly when contained in a Group
  • Bug 489441 - Multiline text fields behaving badly
  • Bug 461614 - Unable to create/edit jBPM MetaData elements.
  • Bug 489619 - bindAttribute did not work in case of copy and paste
  • RH Bug 1308969 - Manual Task - missing data type for "task name" and "actor id"
  • RH Bug 1188592 - Mapping Message from Receive Task to process variable.
  • Bug 490300 - NPE thrown when WID files contain duplicate entries

3.2. Drools 6.4.1.Final

  • DROOLS-1157 - New Drools/jBPM Project Wizards are broken
  • DROOLS-1154 - Add drools runtime dialog doesn't support version naming of the product
  • DROOLS-1153 - Version detection when adding drools runtime doesn't work
  • DROOLS-1149 - Missing dependencies in new jBPM project
  • DROOLS-1134 - Business central items are not visible in Kie navigator when other than default git path is used
  • DROOLS-1133 - Drools project wizard does not provide an option for code compatible with Drools 6.1.x
  • DROOLS-1132 - New Drools Project Wizard should automatically create a default Drools Runtime OOTB
  • DROOLS-1079 - Kie navigator cannot show organizational units content
  • DROOLS-1076 - Initial opening of kie navigator server properties shows error dialog
  • DROOLS-911 - Kie Navigator does not recognize running EAP server
  • DROOLS-910 - Kie Navigator Server Property dialog does not save user creds

3.3. Fuse 8.0.0.Beta2

  • FUSETOOLS-1743 - Camel editor can't draw a route using a try catch finally
  • FUSETOOLS-1682 - On Windows, provide a UI without border in "Edit Conditional breakpoint" dialog
  • FUSETOOLS-1671 - Replace custom manual layout with automated layout system
  • FUSETOOLS-1654 - Display error in Problem view without requiring manual "Validate" call
  • FUSETOOLS-1630 - Provide information decorator on focus for properties having a description
  • FUSETOOLS-1621 - An incomplete route is lost after saving
  • FUSETOOLS-1620 - The whole route is lost if you manually corrupt the xml
  • FUSETOOLS-1587 - Displays Error in Problems view
  • FUSETOOLS-1586 - Sort properties in property sheets with mandatory at the top
  • FUSETOOLS-1578 - Improve Expression and Dataformat properties UI
  • FUSETOOLS-1562 - : NPE when versions are specified using Managed dependencies in parent Maven Module
  • FUSETOOLS-1548 - Camel Context File node should be expandable into route nodes
  • FUSETOOLS-1527 - Data transformation editor is not opened by dbl clicking on a transformation component
  • FUSETOOLS-1512 - Fuse server adapter unable to save password
  • FUSETOOLS-1504 - blueprint validation error after converting fuse project to jpa
  • FUSETOOLS-1503 - Typing in text fields in New Transformation Wizard leads to unexpected results
  • FUSETOOLS-1486 - Remove comparator from ModelViewer
  • FUSETOOLS-1484 - Make use of collapsable figures for eips with children
  • FUSETOOLS-1480 - Fuse tooling doesn't inform about wrong deployment
  • FUSETOOLS-1474 - CNFE from JavaPage and OtherPage if class selected is not in project
  • FUSETOOLS-1472 - Create preferences page
  • FUSETOOLS-1470 - NPE changing property in function to one with different type
  • FUSETOOLS-1469 - Make function dialog arg section look like table
  • FUSETOOLS-1466 - Replace index dialog with editable fields with default indexes
  • FUSETOOLS-1461 - Camel XML file is disturbed by loop flow
  • FUSETOOLS-1453 - NewTransformationWizard should only display files in pickers with XML content
  • FUSETOOLS-1423 - xml-to-json and starter example missing approvalCode in json schema
  • FUSETOOLS-1417 - Camel parts disappear when editing Camel route from SwitchYard
  • FUSETOOLS-1413 - provide a Camel on EAP archetype in new project wizard
  • FUSETOOLS-1409 - switching between "design view" and "source view" rewrite camel context xml file
  • FUSETOOLS-1406 - Transformation Editor remains open after project is deleted
  • FUSETOOLS-1405 - Not visible error icons in New Fuse Transformation Wizard
  • FUSETOOLS-1393 - Namespaces are removed by editor
  • FUSETOOLS-1390 - upgrade to graphiti 0.12 in Mars from 0.11.2 in Luna broke the Camel editor
  • FUSETOOLS-1389 - use new license feature
  • FUSETOOLS-1383 - Cannot download Fuse runtime without deleting the downloaded archive
  • FUSETOOLS-1371 - Route changes on save if using onException
  • FUSETOOLS-1367 - Source content is lost after switch to Design tab (Camel Blueprint XML)
  • FUSETOOLS-1365 - Keyboard navigation/shortcuts
  • FUSETOOLS-1338 - Route Editor Diagram Grid Color does not work
  • FUSETOOLS-1327 - Status of containers is not refreshed
  • FUSETOOLS-1311 - Advanced tab in Properties view is sometimes linked to other component
  • FUSETOOLS-1283 - Runtime JRE Environments displays wrong items
  • FUSETOOLS-1276 - Refresh JMX Navigator cause problems (collapsing)
  • FUSETOOLS-1255 - Extend the editor model for use with the data mapper
  • FUSETOOLS-1247 - Graphical Editor: Split grouping not supported
  • FUSETOOLS-1233 - New Project Wizard should open Camel Editor in Fuse Integration perspective
  • FUSETOOLS-1225 - New page for global / context wide configurations on Camel Multipage Editor
  • FUSETOOLS-1224 - introduce a collapsable route figure
  • FUSETOOLS-1223 - Run as / Debug as Local Camel Context available on project
  • FUSETOOLS-1221 - Add Search Filter to Camel Editor Tools Palette
  • FUSETOOLS-1220 - No launcher is created after running a camel route
  • FUSETOOLS-1200 - Make camel context file expandable node
  • FUSETOOLS-1164 - do better handling with dirty flag
  • FUSETOOLS-1101 - Fuse Tooling Route Editor does not follow user specified XML indentation
  • FUSETOOLS-1097 - Switching between Source and Design change the source
  • FUSETOOLS-1075 - Fuse project is created with errors (camel-component, camel-data-format)
  • FUSETOOLS-949 - Create new Camel component - Wizard has no input fields for component name and class name
  • FUSETOOLS-926 - From endpoints getting duplicated when camel route had <onCompletion> and or <interceptFrom>
  • FUSETOOLS-884 - Camel editor weirdly indicates that the file has been changed
  • FUSETOOLS-771 - GUI editor - May reorder multicast EIP
  • FUSETOOLS-674 - GUI editor issue when using route scoped onException
  • FUSETOOLS-427 - Fuse IDE settings - Front panel should have explanation text
  • FUSETOOLS-308 - Content Based Router EIP - Should not accept multiple input arrows
  • FUSETOOLS-259 - Aggregate EIP - Adds by default empty correlation expression in generated source
  • FUSETOOLS-189 - Properties panel for EIP - Ordering of options

3.4. SwitchYard 2.1.0.Beta3

  • SWITCHYARD-2872 - Update bpm tooling to match upstream bpmn2 modeler changes
  • SWITCHYARD-2767 - SY Editor throws NPE at startup with already open diagram

3.5. Teiid Designer 10.0.0.Beta3

  • TEIIDDES-2783 - Need to add support for parsing OPTIONS in procedure statements
  • TEIIDDES-2775 - Provide automated way to convert a old functional model into relational model
  • TEIIDDES-2771 - Cannot edit Native Type extension property for procedure parameter with OUT direction
  • TEIIDDES-2770 - Illegal argument exception opening function builder with projected "constant"
  • TEIIDDES-2769 - NPE when trying to edit a Data Role created in older teiid designer version
  • TEIIDDES-2768 - Transform from Source Model" doesn't copy Descriptions to new view model
  • TEIIDDES-2767 - Illegal argument exception if explorer context menu launched prior to explorer view fully functional
  • TEIIDDES-2766 - Remove CREATE VIRTUAL PROCEDURE from built-in templates
  • TEIIDDES-2764 - Change DDL importer framework to use refactored Teiid DDL parser source
  • TEIIDDES-2763 - User cannot delete last parameter on REST connection profile while editing
  • TEIIDDES-2750 - Cannot launch the Create Data Source in the Guides
  • TEIIDDES-2745 - Extension properties not imported from dynamic VDB
  • TEIIDDES-2743 - Return parameter not created when importing UDF from dynamic VDB
  • TEIIDDES-2738 - REST procedure not imported correctly from dynamic VDB
  • TEIIDDES-2736 - Expose all the materialized properties that Teiid supports for configuration
  • TEIIDDES-2723 - Properties lost when importing from dynamic VDB
  • TEIIDDES-2722 - User Defined properties are exported in each model in Dynamic VDB
  • TEIIDDES-2719 - DDL for UDF in exported dynamic VDB contains RETURN parameter
  • TEIIDDES-2711 - WS Create Operation - Wrong Label Name For Output Message
  • TEIIDDES-2710 - WS Create Operation Wizard - Creating a method with no input message
  • TEIIDDES-2709 - REST WAR Generation - Index.html contains wrong View name in url
  • TEIIDDES-2706 - Constraint value ignored in Row Filter dialog
  • TEIIDDES-2700 - DDL Export logic does not add non-relational extension properties to the DDL OPTIONS() clause
  • TEIIDDES-2674 - When deleting project with read-only model TD produces 4 warnings instead of 1
  • TEIIDDES-2644 - Cannot launch the Create View Table Wizard in Create multi-source VDB Cheat Sheets.
  • TEIIDDES-2641 - Copying Model problem
  • TEIIDDES-2625 - User can access import dialogues after clicking "Cancel" in New project dialogue
  • TEIIDDES-260 - Add some default values to importer properties in Teiid Connection Importer
  • TEIIDDES-2600 - DDL Importer does not yet support GLOBAL or LOCAL TEMP TABLE
  • TEIIDDES-2589 - The model extension definition "relational" found in model is a different version than the one in the registry.
  • TEIIDDES-2558 - Unable to import attached DDL, invalid cardinality
  • TEIIDDES-2493 - Check for spaces in the parent directory Flat File connection importer
  • TEIIDDES-2469 - [Usability] Problem importing SOAP web service via URL
  • TEIIDDES-2437 - Enable specifying VDB Version when using VDB RE-USE feature
  • TEIIDDES-2435 - [Usability] The default user when connecting to server should be blanked out
  • TEIIDDES-2427 - Add Geometry Type
  • TEIIDDES-2414 - Large transformation SQL is not exported to INDEX file.
  • TEIIDDES-2389 - Add ui support for whole texttable no trim
  • TEIIDDES-2152 - Adding source table with quoted name results in wrong generated SQL statement

A. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 9.0.0-3Wed May 04 2016Misha Husnain Ali
Updated Drools version and issues.
Revision 9.0.0-2Tue May 03 2016Misha Husnain Ali
Implemented more QE review
Revision 9.0.0-1Thu Apr 28 2016Misha Husnain Ali
Implemented QE review
Revision 9.0.0-0Fri Feb 19 2016Misha Husnain Ali
Initial draft

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