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6. Fuse Tooling 7.3.1

  • FUSETOOLS-1404: Missing artifact - ActiveMQ component
  • FUSETOOLS-1391: When editing blueprint.xml, xml snippets disappearing and changing for no apparent reason.
  • FUSETOOLS-1386: Source bundles don't contain resource files
  • FUSETOOLS-1381: Inconsistent visibility with parent collection mappings
  • FUSETOOLS-1379: Class and index mappings are wrong in certain cases
  • FUSETOOLS-1363: Allow customization of model viewer tree when used on Transformation wizard pages
  • FUSETOOLS-1355: Automatically map parent collections when a child field is mapped
  • FUSETOOLS-1351: Support variable mapping to vectors
  • FUSETOOLS-1350: Support expression mapping to vectors
  • FUSETOOLS-1349: Support scalar to vector mapping
  • FUSETOOLS-1344: Allow typing in text fields in New Fuse Transformation wizard
  • FUSETOOLS-1339: Hiding diagram grid in Camel Editor does not work
  • FUSETOOLS-1333: Errors in New Fuse Transformation Wizard are present as info messages
  • FUSETOOLS-1331: New Fuse Transformation Wizard can be finished uncompleted
  • FUSETOOLS-1330: New Fuse Transformation Wizard - Show only Camel/Dozer files
  • FUSETOOLS-1314: NPE: set/delete breakpoint
  • FUSETOOLS-1312: Wizard for creating new SAP DS doesn't display fields