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3. New Features, Enhancements, and Changes in JBoss Fuse

Red Hat JBoss Fuse 6.2 contains the following new features, enhancements, and changes for this release:


When deploying a bundle to Red Hat JBoss Fuse runtime container through Red Hat JBoss Fuse Tooling, features required by the bundle do not get resolved by the tooling automatically. To work around the issue, the required features must be installed manually before the bundle is deployed.
  • New projects can now be given an arbitrary name. Previously, artifactId was used as the project name without the possibility to alter it.
  • JMX Navigator has been moved to JBoss Core and reworked. It now contains 3 categories: Local Processes, Server Connections, and User-Defined Connections.
  • Camel Debugger has been added. It allows to set, edit and remove breakpoints in the Design view. Camel 2.12 or higher is required for this functionality.
  • The Servers view now provides access to JMX when the server is running. Fuse-specific nodes are now also visible in the Servers view.
  • New and reworked server adapters have been added for Apache Karaf, Apache ServiceMix, and JBoss Fuse.
  • The previous deployment mechanism using hotfolder, JMX node and fabric8 nodes has been replaced by a publishing logic in the Servers view.
  • Project running on a server are now automatically redeployed when changed locally.
  • The Servers view now shows deployed projects and their bundle state.
  • The deploy, redeploy and undeploy operations are now all done in the Servers view.
  • Server credentials are now stored in the Eclipse secure storage.
  • A new editor palette drawer has been added for the most frequently used Camel components.
  • New custom component properties pages have been added.
  • Fabric8 tooling is now DEPRECATED and will be removed with the release of Fuse Tooling 8.0.0 (released in sync with JBoss Fuse 7.0.0).