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6. BPMN2 1.1.3.Final

  • Bug 461745: Loading BPMN file that has no DI elements no longer works
  • Bug 461614: Unable to create/edit jBPM MetaData elements.
  • RH Bug 1207326: How to set user task notification through JBDS in jBPM 6?
  • RH Bug 1211611: Duplicated column "Name" in list of errors
  • Bug 464589: CallActivity feature package not exposed
  • Bug 464699: BPMNEditor#getActiveEditor returns wrong editor
  • Bug 454749: Wrong Target Runtime is selected if a project does not define one
  • Bug 463310: TextObjectEditor#setMultiLine(true) not working as expected
  • Bug 463205: Manhattan routing is extremely inefficient and slows down editor response
  • RH Bug 1181215: Arrows are changed unexpectedly when Node is moved on the canvas
  • Bug 466337: Boundary Events are not positioned correctly when importing BPMN files without BPMNDI
  • Bug 460058: Badly formatted error message - 'A Custom Task with id {0} was already defined'
  • Bug 461263: Delete diagram context action do not delete participants