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8.0.6 Release Notes

Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack 8.0

Information about this release of JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack

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These release notes contain important information related to JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack. New features and resolved issues of this product release are detailed here.

1. About Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack

Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack is a set of Eclipse-based development tools. It further enhances the IDE functionality provided by JBoss Developer Studio, with plug-ins specifically for use when developing for other Red Hat JBoss products.
JBoss Fuse Development plug-ins provide tooling for Red Hat JBoss Fuse, specifically for integrating and developing software components that work with Apache ServiceMix, ActiveMQ and Camel.
JBoss Business Process and Rules Development plug-ins provides design, debug and testing tooling for developing business processes for Red Hat JBoss BRMS and Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite. For more information, see the Red Hat JBoss BRMS Getting Started Guide and Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite Getting Started Guide.
JBoss Data Virtualization Development plug-ins provide a graphical interface to manage various aspects of Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization instances, including the ability to design virtual databases and interact with associated governance repositories. For more information, see the Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization User Guide.
JBoss Integration and SOA Development plug-ins provide tooling for developing, configuring and deploying SwitchYard and Fuse applications to Red Hat JBoss Fuse Service Works, Red Hat JBoss Fuse and Fuse Fabric containers, Apache ServiceMix, and Apache Karaf instances. For more information, see the Red Hat JBoss Fuse Service Works User Guide, Red Hat JBoss Fuse Tooling User Guide and Red Hat JBoss Fuse Tooling Tutorials.
JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack and JBoss Developer Studio are released asynchronously and current information on each of the JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack components can be found in the associated Red Hat JBoss product documentation. The documentation is available from on the Red Hat Customer Portal.

2. About this Release

JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack 8.0.6 is an update for JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack 8.0.5.
  • It contains new features and fixes for the following released components:
    • BPMN2 Modeler 1.1.5.Final
    • SwitchYard 2.0.3.Final
    • Teiid Designer 9.0.6.Final
For a complete list of components in this release, together with information about operating systems, chip architectures and Java developer kits supported by this release, see on the Red Hat Customer Portal.

3. Resolved Issues

3.1. BPMN2 Modeler 1.1.5.Final

  • RH Bug 1309945 - Palette Does Not Recognize Entries in WID File
  • RH Bug 1309950 - MetaData Tag Introduces Bad Namespace
  • JBTIS-471 - Unify component versions
  • Bug 488131 - Select All + Delete causes NPE when Boundary Event is involved
  • RH Bug 1288044 - Fix Property Form resize problems
  • Bug 483689 - ScriptTasks allow only 255 characters
  • Bug 484071 - Drag and drop of call activity is corrupting the sequence flow
  • Bug 485268 - The editor directly fetches the DTD from the Internet without looking into the XLM catalog
  • Bug 488219 - 'I/O Parameters' tab not rendered correctly
  • JBPM-4860 - Can not save file because "No targetNamespace defined"
  • RH Bug 1141619 - Boundary event should not be attached to Script Task in JBDS for jBPM
  • Bug 486970 - Only Group name should be exposed by Group Property page for jBPM
  • RH Bug 1188592 - Mapping Message from Receive Task to process variable
  • Bug 393034 - Map Interface to ServiceTask
  • Bug 461614 - Unable to create/edit jBPM MetaData elements.
  • RH Bug 1309953 - Missing Prompt for Service Task Pop Up. Property page redrawing has been improved by using a UIJob.
  • Bug 488503 - ResourcePropertyTester NPE prevents proper validation
  • Bug 488792 - Tool Palette extension point not working as expected
  • Bug 488717 - wrong layout of property tabs in property Dialog - createBindings() method
  • Bug 464052 - Adding a 3rd Pool element is not working correctly when Full-Profile is active
  • Bug 488889 - MultInstanceLoopCharacteristics input and output data objects are not handled properly for Tasks

3.2. Teiid Designer 9.0.6.Final

  • TEIIDDES-2808 - native-type and native-query extension properties aren't saving values entered in properties view
  • TEIIDDES-2775 - Provide automated way to convert a old functional model into relational model
  • TEIIDDES-2771 - Cannot edit Native Type extension property for procedure parameter with OUT direction
  • TEIIDDES-2769 - NPE when trying to edit a Data Role created in older teiid designer version
  • TEIIDDES-2768 - Transform from Source Model" doesn't copy Descriptions to new view model

3.3. SwitchYard 2.0.3.Final

A. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 8.0.6-0Fri Feb 19 2016Misha Husnain Ali
Initial draft

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