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8.0.4 Release Notes

Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack 8.0

Information about this release of JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack

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These release notes contain important information related to JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack. New features and resolved issues of this product release are detailed here.

1. About Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack

Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack is a set of Eclipse-based development tools. It further enhances the IDE functionality provided by JBoss Developer Studio, with plug-ins specifically for use when developing for other Red Hat JBoss products.
JBoss Fuse Development plug-ins provide tooling for Red Hat JBoss Fuse, specifically for integrating and developing software components that work with Apache ServiceMix, ActiveMQ and Camel.
JBoss Business Process and Rules Development plug-ins provides design, debug and testing tooling for developing business processes for Red Hat JBoss BRMS and Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite. For more information, see the Red Hat JBoss BRMS Getting Started Guide and Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite Getting Started Guide.
JBoss Data Virtualization Development plug-ins provide a graphical interface to manage various aspects of Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization instances, including the ability to design virtual databases and interact with associated governance repositories. For more information, see the Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization User Guide.
JBoss Integration and SOA Development plug-ins provide tooling for developing, configuring and deploying SwitchYard and Fuse applications to Red Hat JBoss Fuse Service Works, Red Hat JBoss Fuse and Fuse Fabric containers, Apache ServiceMix, and Apache Karaf instances. For more information, see the Red Hat JBoss Fuse Service Works User Guide, Red Hat JBoss Fuse Tooling User Guide and Red Hat JBoss Fuse Tooling Tutorials.
JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack and JBoss Developer Studio are released asynchronously and current information on each of the JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack components can be found in the associated Red Hat JBoss product documentation. The documentation is available from on the Red Hat Customer Portal.

2. About this Release

JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack 8.0.4 is an update for JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack 8.0.3.
  • It contains new features and fixes for the following released components:
    • Teiid Designer 9.0.4.Final
    • SwitchYard 2.0.1.Final
    • Fuse Tooling 7.3.2.Final


      Fuse Tooling also contains Data Transformation.
    • Drools 6.3.0.Final


      As part of this release, the Kie Navigator is added to the Drools component.
For a complete list of components in this release, together with information about operating systems, chip architectures and Java developer kits supported by this release, see on the Red Hat Customer Portal.

3. Teiid Designer 9.0.4.Final

  • TEIIDDES-2685 - IllegalArgumentException: server when starting Fuse server
  • TEIIDDES-2676 - NPE pasting ddl file into project
  • TEIIDDES-2651 - Web Service Generation Wizard doesn't expand subfolder
  • TEIIDDES-2647 - Importing Teiid DDL with XML datatype ends up with object datatype
  • TEIIDDES-2645 - Selection in ModelExplorer view not working
  • TEIIDDES-2643 - Cannot launch the Set Connection Profile in Model Teiid Data Source Guide
  • TEIIDDES-2642 - Save As Model and Rename Model actions allow duplicities
  • TEIIDDES-2638 - Problem with New Model Wizard
  • TEIIDDES-2637 - Occasional NPE on start-up setting focus in ResourceNavigator
  • TEIIDDES-2633 - Add Named Parameters to invoke() for Generated SOAP Procedure
  • TEIIDDES-2632 - Missing Message for Key - TeiidMetadataImportSourcePage.viewSourceModelMessage and Title
  • TEIIDDES-2631 - Salesforce Import using Teiid Connection Importer throws exceptions on 'calculated' extension property
  • TEIIDDES-2629 - Updating data source import resets translator to jdbc-simple for Netezza
  • TEIIDDES-2627 - Different projects can be selected for location of source and view models when importing from SOAP and REST
  • TEIIDDES-2624 - When importing via Teiid Connection, no way to set(change) the global tables updateable OPTION
  • TEIIDDES-2620 - Add validation rule to check for circular dependencies in view models
  • TEIIDDES-2619 - Salesforce custom URL not added if Datasource is created with Model Info
  • TEIIDDES-2616 - Additional performance improvements in admin factory
  • TEIIDDES-2614 - Add option to remove redundant Unique Constraint in DDL importing if column ID's match a PK
  • TEIIDDES-2612 - Cannot delete a model project with a read-only model in it
  • TEIIDDES-2611 - Resize transformation editor crash Developer Studio
  • TEIIDDES-2604 - Model refactoring: view model is missing imports after moving into or out of folder
  • TEIIDDES-2579 - Salesforce custom URL not getting pushed to DV runtime upon PREVIEW
  • TEIIDDES-2562 - Transformation editor does not save the code, "create virtual procedure"
  • TEIIDDES-2554 - Import of REST service with columns set to 'integer' type results in "Expected biginteger, but was integer"
  • TEIIDDES-2539 - Problems with preserving JDBC username and password on MAC OS X"
  • TEIIDDES-2537 - Problem with saving username and password for JDBC connection using key shortcut
  • TEIIDDES-2536 - No connection to Teiid instance after starting DV from JBDS - refresh needed
  • TEIIDDES-2517 - Saving View Model with syntax error in Transformation breaks it completely
  • TEIIDDES-2512 - Problems with starting DV server from Teiid Designer 9.0.2.Beta1
  • TEIIDDES-2495 - Allow "No Timeout" Value for the Teiid Connection Importer
  • TEIIDDES-2494 - Cancel on Teiid Connection Import Not Working
  • TEIIDDES-2490 - Salesforce importer imports tables under salesforce schema resulting in table names containing '.'
  • TEIIDDES-2480 - LDAP importer fails silently when no location is explicitly entered for the new model
  • TEIIDDES-2478 - LDAP import functionality does not handle large number of search results
  • TEIIDDES-2401 - Add support exporting the Designer VDB as Dynamic VDB
  • TEIIDDES-2346 - Deployment and undepoyment of Dynamic VDBs is not yet supported
  • TEIIDDES-2343 - Support importing Dynamic VDB
  • TEIIDDES-2329 - WS translator Procedure definition defined in correctly
  • TEIIDDES-1995 - Add templates for OBJECTTABLE, TEXTABLE, etc.
  • TEIIDDES-1816 - VDB datasource contains incorrect connection url

4. SwitchYard 2.0.1.Final

  • SWITCHYARD-2817 - Remove Remote Rest/JMS usage
  • SWITCHYARD-2806 - Generate fuse integration bom when creating SY project for fuse with integration pack
  • SWITCHYARD-2794 - relayHeaders property is applicable only for dataFormat=POJO
  • SWITCHYARD-2782 - Cannot set a channel for rules components on macosx
  • SWITCHYARD-2727 - Cannot create new BPEL process on an existing component with interface
  • SWITCHYARD-2725 - Error when we don't specify any operation in a binding
  • SWITCHYARD-1703 - All text fields should have visible borders

5. Fuse Tooling 7.3.2.Final

  • FUSETOOLS-1534 - Remove Infinispan component from Fuse Tooling Palette
  • FUSETOOLS-1528 - The whole IDE freezes if you choose an empty or invalid file in a data transformation
  • FUSETOOLS-1518 - One change is applied more times in SAP components
  • FUSETOOLS-1517 - Only the first change is saved when editing a component in Properties view
  • FUSETOOLS-1515 - Focus in Properties view is lost when editing Bean component
  • FUSETOOLS-1508 - Cannot deploy the quickstart 'beginner-camel-log' using the Servers view
  • FUSETOOLS-1505 - ID generation problem
  • FUSETOOLS-1499 - Property change in one component is propagated to another one
  • FUSETOOLS-1498 - Ineligible update sites after installing SAP tooling
  • FUSETOOLS-1494 - IDE freezes for a while during project creation
  • FUSETOOLS-1481 - SwitchYard project is not automatically undeployed
  • FUSETOOLS-1473 - Automatic creation of parent mapping fails when field is not immediate child of collection
  • FUSETOOLS-1464 - Other wizard fails when custom data format is used
  • FUSETOOLS-1459 - Error removing function after changing field
  • FUSETOOLS-1454 - Class browse in Java and XML pages doesn't search dependencies
  • FUSETOOLS-1450 - Several problems with NewTransformationWizard
  • FUSETOOLS-1448 - Error creating new transformation using same xml instance as source and target
  • FUSETOOLS-1443 - New Transformation Test wizard should only show camel configs from selected project
  • FUSETOOLS-1423 - xml-to-json and starter example missing approvalCode in json schema
  • FUSETOOLS-1419 - Problems in Set Expression Dialog
  • FUSETOOLS-1414 - Make sure the wildfly camel archetype deploys to EAP runtime
  • FUSETOOLS-1413 - provide a Camel on EAP archetype in new project wizard
  • FUSETOOLS-1408 - unmarshallTypeName not set on generated data formats
  • FUSETOOLS-1407 - Dialog for choosing Java classes is empty
  • FUSETOOLS-1406 - Transformation Editor remains open after project is deleted
  • FUSETOOLS-1405 - Not visible error icons in New Fuse Transformation Wizard
  • FUSETOOLS-1401 - Mapped state of field in target model doesn't get updated after inclusion in expression mapping
  • FUSETOOLS-1399 - Fix UI to correctly show hierarchy for indexed mappings
  • FUSETOOLS-1395 - Issues mapping transformation from JSON to XML
  • FUSETOOLS-1392 - JBoss Fuse Tooling Data Transformation failed to transform "xml->xml"
  • FUSETOOLS-1388 - Losing unconnected endpoints without warning
  • FUSETOOLS-1387 - NPE changing a variable value
  • FUSETOOLS-1380 - Don't allow duplicate mappings in editor
  • FUSETOOLS-1374 - Make text field editable in SAP export wizard
  • FUSETOOLS-1369 - Changing attribute server/destination changes the whole SAP endpoint
  • FUSETOOLS-1364 - Save sizing of splitters and toggle button states in preference store
  • FUSETOOLS-1358 - SAP Import wizard doesn't detect wrong lib on Windows
  • FUSETOOLS-1357 - SAP Connections view is empty on Windows
  • FUSETOOLS-1353 - Support configuration of Dozer String->Date conversion
  • FUSETOOLS-1347 - Add built-in functions for transformation
  • FUSETOOLS-1341 - SAP tooling has no mechnism for handling updates
  • FUSETOOLS-1334 - Allow to create a transformation via drag and drop from target to source
  • FUSETOOLS-1321 - Properties for SAP connection sometimes disappear
  • FUSETOOLS-1182 - Add Documentation for SAP component in Documentation Tab of Properties View

A. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 8.0.4-2Tue Dec 08 2015Supriya Bharadwaj
Updated the version numbers for the SwitchYard and Fuse Tooling components
Revision 8.0.4-1Mon Dec 07 2015Supriya Bharadwaj
Added data for the 8.0.4 GA release
Revision 8.0.4-0Thu Oct 08 2015Misha Husnain Ali
Initial draft

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