Chapter 3. Resolved Issues

3.1. BPMN2 1.4.3.Final

  • Bug #533540 - wide subprocesses are changed to width =1000 when opening the diagram

3.2. Teiid Designer 11.1.3.Final

  • TEIIDDES-2782 - Copy paste sql to the transformation editor is not parsable
  • TEIIDDES-3187 - Datatypes aren’t imported with "JDBC Database >> Source Model" importer
  • TEIIDDES-3176 - Error modeling virtual model against Teiid 10.x: A parser for teiid instance version 10 is not available
  • TEIIDDES-3171 - Executing SQL for multiple statements against a VDB in data tools SQL Editor fails due to closed connection
  • TEIIDDES-3188 - Generate model from DDL with UDF doesn’t work
  • TEIIDDES-3034 - Importing Virtual Procedure DDL containing a simple RETURNS type add a Result Set to procedure
  • TEIIDDES-3196 - Importing from Salesforce through Teiid Connection Import doesn’t work
  • TEIIDDES-3174 - Infinispan-hotrod MXD is not set after JDG materialization wizard
  • TEIIDDES-2865 - JDBC importer imports MSSQL Server datatype numeric(9,[0-9]) as bigdecimal with zero precision
  • TEIIDDES-3175 - MED for JDG7 set wrong NAMESPACE and properties prefix
  • TEIIDDES-3165 - Missing native and index metadata tag in .vdb when infinispan translator is overriding .vdb
  • TEIIDDES-3169 - Missing native tag in Teiid Importer
  • TEIIDDES-3162 - ModuleNotFoundException occurs with dynamic vdb including UDF Jars
  • TEIIDDES-3189 - NPE after set function category during creating UDF
  • TEIIDDES-3195 - Preview VDB from salesforce source model has wrong namespace set
  • TEIIDDES-3167 - Teiid Connection Import - The deployment timeout once edited will not work
  • TEIIDDES-3170 - Temporary MXD files are not getting cleaned up/removed for each session
  • TEIIDDES-3163 - Translator override properties can not be updated after re-generating a dynamic vdb
  • TEIIDDES-3180 - Validation error resolving temp table references in INSERT clause for virtual procedure
  • TEIIDDES-3076 - executed vdbs and query previews completely freeze designer