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Chapter 3. Resolved Issues

3.1. Fuse Tooling 9.2.0.Final

  • FUSETOOLS-2378 - Rename Fuse Tooling Remote Archetype Catalog as it supports Fuse 6.2.1-
  • FUSETOOLS-2377 - Support Camel 2.18.x version corresponding to FIS 2.0 patch
  • FUSETOOLS-2372 - Use FIS 2.0 first patch image by default
  • FUSETOOLS-2357 - Provide support to Fuse 6.3.0 R2
  • FUSETOOLS-2356 - Sometimes ResourceException in log when checking for CamelContentType
  • FUSETOOLS-2351 - Improve implementation of hashCode/equals of Camel JMX Node to avoid usage of connection (and freeze of several seconds with slow connection)
  • FUSETOOLS-2336 - Hystrix EIP not available in palette
  • FUSETOOLS-2317 - Provide Graphical remote debug of Camel routes for route provided by JMX navigator over RMI
  • FUSETOOLS-2316 - Provide graphical remote debug of Camel routes using palette
  • FUSETOOLS-2328 - Rest DSL - apiContextPath marked as error: cvc-complex-type.3.2.2: Attribute 'apiContextPath' is not allowed to appear in element 'restConfiguration'.
  • FUSETOOLS-2327 - CXF code first template is not available
  • FUSETOOLS-2325 - Project from "SpringBoot on Openshift" template is created with errors
  • FUSETOOLS-2320 - Improve Camel debug connection interaction and status in Debug view
  • FUSETOOLS-2319 - ClassCastException in LayoutDiagramFeature.mapDiagramToGraph
  • FUSETOOLS-2318 - Provide graphical remote debug of Camel routes using JolokiaJMX
  • FUSETOOLS-2315 - DataFormat global configuration - JAXB Error "attribute 'objectFactory' is not allowed to appear in element 'jaxb'"
  • FUSETOOLS-2314 - Marshal/Unmarshal component doesn’t display properties
  • FUSETOOLS-2307 - Breakpoints not displayed for remote Camel Context
  • FUSETOOLS-2304 - NullPointerException in SetEndpointBreakpointFeature.getContextFile
  • FUSETOOLS-2303 - ResourceException below CamelNatureTester.isCamelNatureDefined (thrown in Resource.checkExists)
  • FUSETOOLS-2302 - NullPointerException in CamelLocalLaunchPropertyTester.retrieveMavenModel
  • FUSETOOLS-2301 - ResourceException below CamelFilesFinder.findFiles (thrown in Resource.checkExists)
  • FUSETOOLS-2299 - NullPointerException in CamelDebugTarget.breakpointRemoved
  • FUSETOOLS-2298 - FileNotFoundException below CamelContextFileTab$2$1$1.add (thrown in FileInputStream.open0)
  • FUSETOOLS-2297 - Missing Border for JMX Password field in Local Camel Context launch configuration JMX Tab
  • FUSETOOLS-2296 - NullPointerException in CamelModelNotificationService.calculateRelatedPictogramElements
  • FUSETOOLS-2292 - Broken synchronization between Details and Advanced tab in Properties view
  • FUSETOOLS-2287 - Stack in log when stopping a camel route when some breakpoints are defined on it
  • FUSETOOLS-2281 - Content Assist does not work in XML source tab of Camel Editor for Camel Blueprint based routes
  • FUSETOOLS-2280 - Default value for javatype="char" is not displayed in properties view, the field is left blank
  • FUSETOOLS-2218 - The & char is not displayed in tooltips
  • FUSETOOLS-2187 - Add missing options for Marshall component to Camel Editor Properties view
  • FUSETOOLS-2179 - don’t show content of target/* in Camel Contexts
  • FUSETOOLS-2172 - Do not log a warning 'Start search of Camel Java Route'
  • FUSETOOLS-2082 - Lots of errors when working with invalid camel route
  • FUSETOOLS-1938 - Breakpoint hit style is kept on diagram after resuming execution
  • FUSETOOLS-1831 - NullPointerException in UpdateCommand.updateFigure

3.2. SwitchYard 2.3.1.Final

  • SWITCHYARD-2999 - SwitchYard editor sets the editor as dirty everytime you open switchyard.xml
  • SWITCHYARD-2995 - Cannot edit authentication details at REST reference binding
  • SWITCHYARD-2907 - NPE when activating the SY design editor after modifying the version of a capability