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Chapter 4. Resolved Issues

4.1. Fuse Tooling 9.1.0.Final

  • FUSETOOLS-2237 - Palette extension points need to support the different Runtime Providers
  • FUSETOOLS-2234 - Register Launch Configuration for fabric8-maven-plugin when creating project
  • FUSETOOLS-2231 - NPE in CamelEditorMatchingStrategy sometimes when trying to open a file
  • FUSETOOLS-2228 - Removing a bundle while Add/Remove resources not working when Bundle-SymbolicName has parameters
  • FUSETOOLS-2227 - Support Fuse Runtime Patch Release 6.3.0.R1
  • FUSETOOLS-2224 - Design tab doesn’t work after repairing invalid XML in Source tab
  • FUSETOOLS-2216 - editor is generating a header attribute within a csv marshal tag which causes errors
  • FUSETOOLS-2215 - attribute ID is added to import element
  • FUSETOOLS-2194 - EAP 7 Server fails to detect Camel version when Camel is not installed on the server
  • FUSETOOLS-2188 - Property editor fields' Plus (+) and Elipse(…​) buttons broken - open wrong wizards/dialogs
  • FUSETOOLS-2186 - Adding a language / dataformat doesn’t add the needed dependencies
  • FUSETOOLS-2169 - Provide a preference page to configure the staging repositories
  • FUSETOOLS-2160 - Allow to move existing components on the diagram
  • FUSETOOLS-2154 - Diagram palette need to use the correct catalog (SpringBoot/Karaf)
  • FUSETOOLS-2153 - Provide help for launch configuration using fabric8-maven-plugin
  • FUSETOOLS-2152 - Provide Doctype declaration to avoid warnings in provided templates
  • FUSETOOLS-2151 - Provide one SpringBoot Camel Template compatible with fabric8-maven-plugin
  • FUSETOOLS-2149 - Recognize Spring Boot Camel java project as Camel one
  • FUSETOOLS-2143 - Bump version of maven-bundle-plugin in fuse integration project template
  • FUSETOOLS-2140 - Support Camel 2.18.1 Community version
  • FUSETOOLS-2064 - Sort target Runtime in drop down when creating a new Fuse Integration project
  • FUSETOOLS-2023 - Remote Route Editing: InvalidXPathExpression with CBR template
  • FUSETOOLS-2012 - JavaModelException below NewCamelTestWizard$ (thrown in CreateCompilationUnitOperation.executeOperation)
  • FUSETOOLS-1898 - Properties editor colors some property fields solid red for some EIPs and Components
  • FUSETOOLS-1826 - Error validation markers for global element are not removed on deletion of global element
  • FUSETOOLS-1812 - Dragging a route onto canvas has different color
  • FUSETOOLS-1802 - Skip All breakpoints built-in Eclipse features is not respected by Camel breakpoints
  • FUSETOOLS-1752 - Routes may have different layout
  • FUSETOOLS-1738 - When creating a new Fuse project, for the name check also for similar name ignoring case

4.2. SwitchYard 2.3.0.Final

  • SWITCHYARD-2976 - Problem installing switchyard from devstudio IS 10.0.0.GA site into devstudio rpm
  • SWITCHYARD-2972 - Rest binding requires operation selector in SY tooling
  • SWITCHYARD-2968 - Wizard for a new SY project displays a confusing version 'switchyard.runtime 2.0'
  • SWITCHYARD-2966 - NPE when deleting a SY project with corresponding editor opened
  • SWITCHYARD-2963 - Attribute 'copyNamespaces' is added even if it wasn’t checked
  • SWITCHYARD-2959 - Version 2.0.0.Final missing from version drop-down

4.3. Teiid Designer 11.0.1.Final

  • TEIIDDES-3011 - Missing title and message in the "connection profile change" dialog
  • TEIIDDES-3009 - DDL import do not import materialized table properly
  • TEIIDDES-3008 - Non working things in Procedure dialog in View Model
  • TEIIDDES-3003 - Name of Procedure Template is broken
  • TEIIDDES-3001 - Native type of parameters have the same value as Datatype
  • TEIIDDES-2997 - Generating model with FK with exception in dynamic vdb
  • TEIIDDES-2991 - Cannot generate REST war in TD
  • TEIIDDES-2989 - Missing UDF settings in dynamic VDB
  • TEIIDDES-2984 - Non-prepared checkbox in Procedure dialog in Source Model
  • TEIIDDES-2982 - Missing Table settings in dynamic VDB
  • TEIIDDES-2976 - Error during generate source model from dynamic VDB
  • TEIIDDES-2973 - When creating View model by transforming should set nameInSource to blank
  • TEIIDDES-2945 - Issues with ddl generation
  • TEIIDDES-2909 - NPE when deploying VDB via Designer if version is anything but 1
  • TEIIDDES-2881 - Sizing issue in Teiid designer
  • TEIIDDES-2810 - Import/Export Dynamic VDB utility doesn’t transfer model descriptions
  • TEIIDDES-2783 - Need to add support for parsing OPTIONS in procedure statements
  • TEIIDDES-1386 - Cannot multi-select schema contents when building response procedure result set (Web Service as input)