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Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio 8.0

Information for users updating JBoss Developer Studio

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This document details how to update JBoss Developer Studio.

1. Update a JBoss Developer Studio 7.x or Earlier Installation

It is not possible to update an existing JBoss Developer Studio 7.x or earlier installation to JBoss Developer Studio 8.0. This is because they are based on different versions of Eclipse; for example, JBoss Developer Studio 7.x is based on Eclipse Kepler (4.3) but JBoss Developer Studio 8.0 is based on Eclipse Luna (4.4).
To use JBoss Developer Studio 8.0, you must do one of the following:
  • For JBoss Developer Studio stand-alone, install a fresh instance of JBoss Developer Studio 8.0 stand-alone.
  • For JBoss Developer Studio Bring-Your-Own-Eclipse (BYOE), update Eclipse to version Luna (4.4) and install a fresh instance of JBoss Developer Studio 8.0 BYOE.
For information on installing JBoss Developer Studio, see Install Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio.


Before using JBoss Developer Studio 8.0 with a workspace generated by an earlier version of the IDE, you are advised to back up the workspace. In addition to your project files, your workspace contains meta-data about customized settings and preferences for the IDE. To back up your workspace, either copy the workspace directory to a backup location or save it as a compressed file.


You can use different versions of JBoss Developer Studio stand-alone or JBoss Developer Studio BYOE alongside each other by installing them in different directories or installing them onto different Eclipse instances, respectively.