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A Red Hat training course is available for Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio

6. Install JBoss Developer Studio Stand-alone and JBoss EAP

A single installer is provided for both JBoss Developer Studio stand-alone and Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform. A specific JBoss EAP version is packaged in the installer; for details of the JBoss EAP version see This installer is available from a variety of sources, including the Red Hat Customer Portal.
To install JBoss Developer Studio stand-alone and JBoss EAP, complete the following steps:
  1. Locate and download Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio <version> Installer with EAP.
  2. Start the installer
    $ cd /path/to/.jar
    $ java -jar jboss-devstudio-version-installer-eap.jar
    Alternatively, you may be able to start the installer by double-clicking the .jar file. On OS X systems, hold control and click the .jar file, click Open, review the .jar file details and if satisfied click Open.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to continue the installation process.
  4. At installer step 5, when asked if you want to install JBoss EAP, click Yes.
    Check Box Selected for Installing JBoss EAP

    Figure 5. Check Box Selected for Installing JBoss EAP

  5. Continue to follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
This additional installer option installs JBoss EAP in a subdirectory of the JBoss Developer Studio installation and generates a complete default server definition within the IDE with which to manage the JBoss EAP instance and deployed applications.