Chapter 6. Installing JBoss Developer Studio Using RPM

On Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 and higher, JBoss Developer Studio can be installed using the standard package management system. RPM packages that use the Software Collections format are provided in the rh-eclipse46-devstudio-stable-10.x repository. This section explains how to enable that repository and install JBoss Developer Studio from RPM packages.


Note that the RPM package method for installing JBoss Developer Studio is being released as a Technology Preview for this JBoss Developer Studio 10.2 release. For information on support for features released as Technology Preview, see Technology Preview Features Support Scope.


If you install JBoss Developer Studio using this method, in addition to the following plugins, any third-party components installed through the Help → Install New Software menu, may corrupt your JBoss Developer Studio instance, and you may be unable to restart JBoss Developer Studio to uninstall them.

  1. From JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack

    1. JBoss Fuse & JBoss Fuse Service Works (SwitchYard 2.2.0)
    2. JBoss Data Virtualization (Teiid Designer 10.0)
  2. From third-party vendors:

    1. Spring IDE up to 3.8.2
    2. ZeroTurnaround JRebel 7.0.0
    3. Atlassian connector for Eclipse 3.2.5.I20150617-0100

To uninstall these plugins, you must delete the ~/.eclipse directory and then restart JBoss Developer Studio. However, you will have to reinstall any third-party features or plugins that you had installed earlier through an update site or the Eclipse Marketplace. For any third-party plugins to work, install JBoss Developer Studio using either the Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio 10.2 Stand-alone Installer file or the Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio 10.2 Installer with EAP file.


To install JBoss Developer Studio using the RPM package:

  1. As root, create the /etc/yum.repos.d/rh-eclipse46-devstudio-stable-10_x.repo file, and then add the following content to it:

  2. Run the following command to install product signing (GPG) key:

    # rpm --import ""

    For a list of GPG keys used to automatically verify Red Hat software updates, see

  3. Run the following command to install JBoss Developer Studio and all the debendencies:

    # yum install rh-eclipse46-devstudio