Release Notes

Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization 6.4

Errata and late-breaking news for this release.

Documentation Team


This document lists new features, known issues and resolved issues for this release.

1. New features and data sources

  • OSISoft PI
  • Amazon RDS
  • Amazon S3
  • Couchbase
  • PrestoDB
  • JDG 7.1 integration improvements

2. Technology previews

This section provides a list of all available Technology Preview features in Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization 6.4 release.


Technology Preview features are not supported with Red Hat production service level agreements (SLAs), might not be functionally complete, and Red Hat does not recommend to use them for production. These features provide early access to upcoming product features, enabling customers to test functionality and provide feedback during the development process. For more information on Red Hat Technology Preview features support scope, see

  • Data Services Builder

3. Known issues

The following issues are known to exist in JBoss Data Virtualization 6.4.0:

Bugzilla Ticket 1157269 - The background image on the Dashboard Builder log in screen does not display correctly. This does not impact upon functionality.

Bugzilla Ticket 1167784 - The language labels displayed on the JBoss Data Virtualization Dashboard are hard to read because of the font colors. As a result, users may have difficulties changing the language.

Bugzilla Ticket 1284878 - If you are using the SAP HANA translator and you try to use the mod function in your query with float arguments and the float value is less than zero, an incorrect result will be returned. This is due to a bug in SAP HANA.

Bugzilla Ticket 1460485 - The Google Translator fails to update time stamp values after they have been reformatted. If you subsequently update rows containing time stamps, you will encounter an exception.

Bugzilla Ticket 1492642 - Calls to PARSEDATE or PARSETIME which have a time stamp value as the first argument are now pushed as CONVERT (otherwise they are pushed as regular PARSEDATE or PARSETIME values respectively).

Bugzilla Ticket 1500814 - You cannot run time-based queries against Osisoft PI. This is because Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization pushes casts to strings on the Time column, which cause string comparisons on the Osisoft data source.

Bugzilla Ticket 1503500 - If you use the salesforce-34 resource adapter and the cxf.xml file’s ConfigFile property is set to a custom location, you will encounter an exception.

Bugzilla Ticket 1506201 - If you are using the Osisoft Translator and you attempt to cast a string containing a negative or zero value (such as '-24' or '0') to Float or Single, you will encounter an exception.

Bugzilla Ticket 1506512 - OData 4 is incompatible with Java 6. Users will encounter errors. To avoid these problems, use a later version of Java.

Bugzilla Ticket 1506519 - If you are using the Osisoft Translator and try to use the substring function in your queries and the index is larger than the string, you will encounter an exception.

Bugzilla Ticket 1507588 - When Red Hat JDV 6.4 is running with JDK 1.6, the File Translator will fail because JDK 1.7 file IO features were used to enhance the ability of the translator. You must upgrade to JDK 1.7 or better for the File Translator to work.

Bugzilla Ticket 1509928 - If you attempt to perform a lateral join in a query run against the Osisoft PI Translator, you will encounter an exception. This is because the Osisoft PI Translator requires table value functions for lateral joins to work.

Bugzilla Ticket 1510331 - If you are using IBM JDK 1.7 and attempt to select the Data Services Builder when you are installing Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization, you will encounter an error. This is because the Data Services Builder option enforces a secure socket layer configuration, and there is a problem with this configuration in the JDK. To avoid this issue, do not use IBM’s JDK if you want to use the Data Services Builder.

Bugzilla Ticket 1510595 - Versions 09.06.0100 and later of the PostgreSQL ODBC driver do not work with Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization. You will not be able to connect to your data sources using these versions of the driver. To work around this problem, use a compatible version of the driver.

Bugzilla Ticket 1513730 - The Infinispan Hotrod Translator requires a configured default cache. If you remove the default cache, you will encounter an error. This is because the default cache is referenced by the translator. To work around this issue, ensure the default cache is available and correctly configured if you are using that translator.

Bugzilla Ticket 1514019 - When the name of a Red Hat JBoss Data Grid source model starts with the letter 'v', after you run a query on a materialized table you will encounter an exception. To work around this issue, do not start source model names with 'v' if you are using Red Hat JBoss Data Grid.

Bugzilla Ticket 1515761 - If you are using the PrestoDB Translator and you attempt to run any query with criteria and you also have a subquery with the IN, ANY and ALL operators, you will encounter an exception. This is because these operators are currently unsupported in PrestoDB.

Bugzilla Ticket 1515768 - If you attempt to convert a value to float in a PrestoDB query, you will encounter an exception. This only happens if convert is one of the criteria in the query. This issue is caused by the fact that PrestoDB support was developed when the database lacked a single float type. To work around this issue, avoid using float in conjunction with convert in your PrestoDB queries.

Bugzilla Ticket 1524326 - If you want to use the Dashboard Builder, you must have JDK 1.8 installed. If you try to deploy the Dashboard Builder and you are using an earlier version of the JDK you will encounter an exception.

Bugzilla Ticket 1530236 - Running a query with a correlated subquery in a HAVING clause fails on the data source with an exception. This is due to an issue with the Osisoft PI data source.

Bugzilla Ticket 1530597 - Sometimes you cannot reload the server using the management interface. This happens when the server is shut down before it responds to the client, resulting in an exception. This can also happen during installation, which can result in the installation process failing.

Bugzilla Ticket 1532452 - If you attempt to add an exponential decimal value when using the Odata4 interface to connect to a dynamic virtual database, and the value is large, a validation error will occur. This is due to a bug in the client. To workaround this issue, avoid adding large exponential decimal values.

4. Resolved issues

The following issues have been resolved in Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization 6.4.0.

Bugzilla Ticket 1335004 - The setup.cli script for the HBase data source contained deprecated commands and required the user to manually reload the server before a data source could be created. The script has now been updated with corrected instructions. As a result, users do not need to reload the server before creating HBase data sources.

Bugzilla Ticket 1335006 - The remove.cli script did not work. You could not remove a driver if a data source was still using it. As a consequence, users had to manually remove items one by one in reverse order. The script has now been updated and, as a result, it now removes all items correctly.

Bugzilla Ticket 1341012 - The Web Administration Console lacked a configuration option for the buffer-service-encrypt-files functionality. This option has now been added to the console. As a result, users can now configure how they encrypt files in the buffer.

Bugzilla Ticket 1342917 - A warning message informing the user that "The use of the Modeshape JCR APIs have been deprecated" appeared on the installer’s package selection screen even if the user had not selected Modeshape for installation. The installer has been updated so that this message no longer appears unless Modeshape has actually been selected.

Bugzilla Ticket 1373133 - Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization over-rode three Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform modules. This is because these modules were present in both the base and dv layers and used identical names and slots. This has now been changed so that the modules are in the teiid slot. As a result, they no longer over-ride the Red Hat JBoss EAP modules.

Bugzilla Ticket 1381835 - The CXF Logging feature did not work with the Salesforce adapter. As a consequence. users would encounter an exception. This has been corrected and, as a result, users can now log their inbound and outbound messages whilst using the Salesforce adapter.

Bugzilla Ticket 1400555 - Users could not delete rows from tables if the Infinispan DSL translator was being used. As a consequence, they would encounter an exception. This has now been corrected so that users can now run delete queries.

Bugzilla Ticket 1436306 - Users could not deploy virtual databases if the word geometry was being used as a column name because they would encounter a parsing error. This has now been corrected. As a result, users will not encounter an error now if a column has that name.

Bugzilla Ticket 1440762 - An incorrect result was returned when a bidirectional relationship was defined in an OData 4 query due to a problem with the translator. The translator has now been updated and the correct result is now returned to the user.

Bugzilla Ticket 1440765 - If an OData entity had multiple self-relationships, only the first foreign key was used, no matter which navigation was queried. As a consequence, the wrong data was returned to the user. This has now been fixed. As a result, users can have multiple self-relationships in queries and the correct data will still be returned.

Bugzilla Ticket 1460483 - The Google Translator displayed inconsistent behavior for delete and select queries if null values were used. As a consequence, the wrong result could be returned. This has now been fixed. As a result, these queries return correct results consistently.

Bugzilla Ticket 1460484 - If you had comparative operators in Google Translator queries, time results were incorrect. This was due to an API issue. An exception is now thrown instead to alert users not to use time with these operators.

Bugzilla Ticket 1431653 - Support for Red Hat JBoss Data Grid's library mode has been deprecated. However, the changes introduced a null-pointer error. This has now been corrected so that if you use the Red Hat JBoss Data Grid Cache resource adapter, you will not encounter a null-pointer exception.

5. Deprecated features

The ability to use Lucene to search a Red Hat JBoss Data Grid cache from within the Infinispan Cache Translator has been deprecated. This is because the JDG DSL query language provides most of the same querying features. Therefore, there is no need to support two underlying querying options.

JDG Library Mode has been deprecated.

XML Document Modeling has been deprecated.

6. Workarounds for ongoing issues

The following are workarounds for ongoing issues known to exist in JBoss Data Virtualization 6.

Bugzilla Ticket 1035480 - When using Teiid Designer, users are finding that changes to the list of driver JARs for a connection profile are not being displayed when the user goes to "View Connection Info" for the model. To work around this issue, after making changes to the list of driver JARs, perform one of the following options:

  1. Restart JBoss Developer Studio
  2. Create a new connection profile