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1.3. Verify Downloaded Files

Procedure 1.2. Verify File Checksums on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

  1. Obtain checksum values for the downloaded file

    1. Go to Log in if required.
    2. Select your Product and Version.
    3. Select the packages you want to verify. Once you have chosen them, navigate to the Software Details page.
    4. Take note of the MD5 and SHA-256 checksum values.
  2. Run a checksum tool on the file

    1. Navigate to the directory containing the downloaded file in a terminal window.
    2. Run md5sum downloaded_file.
    3. Run shasum downloaded_file.
    Example output:
    [localhost]$ md5sum jboss-dv-installer-[VERSION]-redhat-[VERSION].jar 
    MD5 (jboss-dv-installer-[VERSION]-redhat-[VERSION].jar) = 0d1e72a6b038d8bd27ed22b196e5887f
    [localhost]$ shasum jboss-dv-installer-[VERSION]-redhat-[VERSION].jar 
    a74841391bd243d2ca29f31cd9f190f3f1bdc02d  jboss-dv-installer-[VERSION]-redhat-[VERSION].jar
  3. Compare the checksum values returned by the md5sum and shasum commands with the corresponding values displayed on the Software Details page.
  4. Download the file again if the two checksum values are not identical. A difference between the checksum values indicates that the file has either been corrupted during download or has been modified since it was uploaded to the server. Contact Red Hat Support for assistance if after several downloads the checksum does not successfully validate.


No checksum tool is included with Microsoft Windows. Download a third-party MD5 application such as MD5 Summer from