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Red Hat Training

A Red Hat training course is available for Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization

3.2. Text-Based Installer

You can install Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization using the text-based installer. In this mode, you run the installation steps without stepping through the graphical wizard. The GUI installer will run in text mode automatically if no display server is available.

You must have already downloaded the Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization jar file from the Customer Portal.

Procedure 3.2. Install JBoss Data Virtualization

  1. Open a terminal window and navigate to the location where the GUI installer was downloaded.
  2. Start the installation process:
    java -jar jboss-dv-VERSION-installer.jar -console
  3. Follow the installation prompts displayed on the terminal. You can either install with default configuration or you can complete additional configuration steps.
  4. Finally, generate the automatic installation script. You can use this script to perform headless installation or identical installations across multiple instances.