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8.7. Install the ODBC Driver on Solaris


  • Administrative permissions are required.
  1. Download the correct ODBC driver package (jboss-dv-psqlodbc-[VERSION] from
  2. Unzip the installation package

    Unzip the installation package to /opt directory.
  3. Set the PATH property so that the ODBC binaries are used from the directory where you have unzipped the driver.
    $ export PATH = $PATH:/opt/redhat/jboss-dv/v6/psqlodbc/bin
  4. Set the ODBCINI environmental variable to match the existing odbc.ini.
    $ export ODBCINI=/opt/redhat/jboss-dv/v6/psqlodbc/etc/odbc.ini


    If you are using the Bourne Shell as your Solaris terminal, you can add the two export commands above to your ~/.profile file, so that you do not need to run them every time. Likewise, if you are using Bash, save them in your ~/.bash_profile file instead.