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8.9. Configure ODBC Options on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Procedure 8.3. Configure ODBC Options on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

  1. Install the driver manager:
    yum install unixODBC
  2. Verify that your PostGreSQLdriver has installed correctly:
    odbcinst -q -d
  3. To create the DSN, open the configuration file in a text editor:
    sudo vi /opt/redhat/odbc.ini


    You must either use sudo or be logged in as root to open this file.
  4. Add the following configuration settings to the file:
     [<DSN name>] Driver = /usr/lib/ 
     Description = PostgreSQL Data Source 
     Servername = <Teiid Host name or ip> 
     Port = 35432 Protocol = 7.4 
     UserName = <user-name> 
     Password = <password> 
     Database = <vdb-name> 
     ReadOnly = no 
     ServerType = Postgres 
     ConnSettings = UseServerSidePrepare=1 
     Ksqo=0 Trace = 
     No TraceFile = /var/log/trace.log
     Debug = No DebugFile = /var/log/debug.log 
  5. Save the file and exit the text editor.
  6. Run this command to test the DSN:
      isql <DSN-name> [<user-name> <password>] < commands.sql 
    To connect without DSN, use this DSN-less connection string:
    If you run isql but you encounter an error whereby you see this message: "Can't open lib '/opt/redhat/jboss-dv/v6/psqlodbc/lib64/' : file not found" it means that some of the postgres libraries are missing.
    To fix this issue, run this command as root: yum install postgres
    To verify that the packages are now installed, run this command: rpm -qa|grep post
    You should see the postgresql and postgresql-jdbc packages listed.