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Red Hat Training

A Red Hat training course is available for Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization

3.3. Automated Installation

If you need to install a Red Hat JBoss product multiple times with the same configuration, you can save time by using an installation script. By using an installation script with predefined settings, you can perform the entire installation by running a single command, instead of working through the installation step by step each time. You can generate an installation script by running the installer (in graphical or text mode), stepping through with your desired configuration, and then choosing to generate the script when prompted towards the end of the process.

  • You must have downloaded the relevant installer JAR file from
  • You must have generated the script and saved it as an XML file during a previous installation.

Procedure 3.3. Installing with a Script

  • java -jar jboss-PRODUCT-installer-VERSION.jar SCRIPT.xml


You can also provide variables using the CLI or automatic installation. Use java -jar path/to/installer.jar -variablefile /pathtofile to supply variables using a configuration file or use java -jar path/to/installer.jar -variables EXAMPLE1=example1,EXAMPLE2=example2 to provide a comma-separated list of variables.