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Chapter 6. Monitoring Apache HTTP Server with JBoss Operations Network (ON)

To allow JBoss ON to monitor JBoss Core Services Apache HTTP Server, you must enable the mod_bmx modules. ⁠

  1. As the apache user, enable the mod_bmx modules by creating HTTPD_HOME/conf.d/mod_bmx.conf with the following contents:

    LoadModule bmx_module modules/
    LoadModule bmx_status_module modules/
    LoadModule bmx_vhost_module modules/
  2. In HTTPD_HOME/conf/httpd.conf, add a handler for mod_bmx by appending your handler definition. For example:

    <Location /bmx>
    SetHandler bmx-handler

    You may want to restrict access to this URL to a specific virtual host or use password authentication.

  3. Restart the Apache HTTP Server. You can access http://SERVER_ADDRESS:PORT/bmx in a web browser to verify that mod_bmx is working correctly.
  4. Apache HTTP Server will now be discoverable for JBoss ON. In JBoss ON, you can import it from the Discovery Queue.

    Consult the JBoss ON documentation for further details on monitoring and managing Apache HTTP Server.

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