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Apache HTTP Server 2.4 Release Notes

Red Hat JBoss Core Services 2.4.23

For use with Red Hat JBoss middleware products.

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These release notes contain important information related to Red Hat JBoss Core Services.

Chapter 1. About Red Hat JBoss Core Services

Red Hat JBoss Core Services is a set of supplementary software for Red Hat JBoss middleware products. This software, such as Apache HTTP Server, is common to multiple JBoss middleware products, and is packaged under Red Hat JBoss Core Services to allow for faster distribution of updates, and for a more consistent update experience.

Chapter 2. About JBoss Core Services Apache HTTP Server

Apache HTTP Server is used in multiple Red Hat JBoss middleware products, and previously Apache HTTP Server was distributed with each JBoss product. Starting from the following product versions, each product will instead use the JBoss Core Services distribution of Apache HTTP Server:

  • Red Hat JBoss Core Services (Apache HTTP Server) 7.0 and onwards.

The Apache HTTP Server distribution included as part of Red Hat Enterprise Linux is completely separate from the JBoss Core Services distribution of Apache HTTP Server.

Chapter 3. Supported Operating Systems and Configurations

For information on supported operating systems and configurations for JBoss Core Services Apache HTTP Server, see

Chapter 4. Known Issues

  • JCSP-72 - Solaris 11: Apache HTTP Server SSLProxyEngine: [proxy_http:error] End of file found
  • JCSP-67 - /error/noindex.html is missing
  • JCSP-66 - Socked bind failed on link-local [IPV6]
  • JCSP-65 - LD_LIBRARY_PATH entries exported in unix session are overriden in apachectl script
  • JCSP-64 - StickySessions don’t work in mod_cluster for ProxyPass from unenabled context
  • JCSP-62 - Ssl handshake error with LDAP secure
  • JCSP-61 - Compile mod_security with JSON (libyajl) support
  • JCSP-55 - ProxyErrorOverride=On causes workers in error state after 500 errors
  • JCSP-54 - Unable to access deployed application via mod_cluster when balancer name contains capital letters
  • JCSP-53 - mod_jk shmem segfault
  • JCSP-50 - CVE-2012-1148 CVE-2012-0876 expat: various flaws [jbews-3.0.0]
  • JCSP-47 - CVE-2015-0286 openssl: invalid pointer use in ASN1_TYPE_cmp() [jbews-3.0.0]
  • JCSP-41 - JBCS postinstall pointing to /opt/jws3-0 Solaris
  • JCSP-40 - LDAP authentized connection with mod_authnz_ldap SSL connection not estabilished
  • JCSP-39 - Some extra files in zips (cache/*, config.nice, httpd.exp)
  • JCSP-38 - apr*, libapr* modules in rhel7 zips
  • JCSP-37 - RPM: LC_MESSAGES directories installed by 'jbcs-httpd24-runtime'
  • JCSP-32 - Apache Benchmark is failing on PPC64
  • JCSP-31 - RPM: dependency on base-os 'apr-util-ldap' package from '-optional' channel
  • JCSP-30 - ZIP: mod_security so filename contains jws3 on Windows and Solaris
  • JCSP-29 - RPM: JBCS mod_security debuginfo package conflicts with JWS one
  • JCSP-25 - RHEL: apxs script contains variable EWS_HOME

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