1.2. Use Case: Business Decision Management in the Insurance Industry with Red Hat JBoss BRMS

Red Hat JBoss BRMS comprises a high performance rule engine, a rule repository, easy to use rule authoring tools, and complex event processing rule engine extensions. The following use case describes how these features of JBoss BRMS are implemented in insurance industry.

The consumer insurance market is extremely competitive, and it is imperative that customers receive efficient, competitive, and comprehensive services when visiting an online insurance quotation solution. An insurance provider increased revenue from their online quotation solution by upselling relevant, additional products during the quotation process to the visitors of the solution.

The diagram below shows integration of JBoss BRMS with the insurance provider’s infrastructure. This integration is fruitful in such a way that when a request for insurance is processed, JBoss BRMS is consulted and appropriate additional products are presented with the insurance quotation.

Figure 1.1. JBoss BRMS Use Case: Insurance Industry Decision Making

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JBoss BRMS provides the decision management functionality, that automatically determines the products to present to the applicant based on the rules defined by the business analysts. The rules are implemented as decision tables, so they can be easily understood and modified without requiring additional support from IT.