10.4. Creating a Container

Once your Realtime Decision Server is registered, you can start adding containers to it. Containers are self-contained environments that have been provisioned to hold instances of your packaged and deployed rule instances. To create a container, follow these steps:

  1. Log into Business Central.
  2. Click DeployRule Deployment.
  3. In the SERVER TEMPLATES section on the left, select your server.
  4. Click Add Container to see the New Container wizard.
  5. Add a name of your container under Name.
  6. Click Search and select a built project you wish to deploy into the container.

    Alternatively, enter Group Name, Artifact Id and Version manually.


    When you enter the container version number, do not use the LATEST or RELEASE keywords. This feature has been deprecated and can cause deployment issues.

  7. Click Next to configure Runtime strategy, Kie Base and Kie Session for your container.

    Alternatively, click Finish to skip configuration of Runtime strategy, Kie Base and Kie Session for your container.

  8. Click Finish.

After you successfully create your container, click Start.

Figure 10.1. Container in Started Mode

Container in Started Mode

To verify the container is up and running, send a [GET] request to the endpoint.

Example 10.1. Server Response

<response type="SUCCESS" msg="Info for container myContainer">
  <kie-container container-id="myContainer" status="STARTED">
        Container myContainer successfully created with module org.jbpm:CustomersRelationship:1.0.
    <scanner status="DISPOSED"/>