Chapter 4. Social Events

In Red Hat JBoss BRMS, users can follow other users and gain an insight into what activities are being performed by those users. They can also listen for and follow timelines of regular events. This capability comes via the implementation of a Social Activities framework. This framework ensures that event notifications are generated by different activities within the system and that these notifications are broadcast for registered actors to view.

Multiple activities trigger events. These include: new repository creation, adding and updating resources and adding and updating processes. With the right credentials, a user can view these notifications once they are logged into Business Central.

Follow User

To follow a user, search for the user by entering his name in the search box in the People perspective. You get to this perspective by navigating to it from HomePeople.

You must know the login name of the other user that you want to follow. As you enter the name in the search box, the system will try and auto-complete the name for you and display matches based on your partial entry. Select the user that you want to follow from these matches and the perspective will update to display more details about this user.

You can choose to follow the user by clicking on the Follow button. The perspective refreshes to showcase the user details and their recent activities.

Activity Timeline

Click on HomeTimeline to see a list of recent assets that have been modified (in the left hand window) and a list of changes made in the selected repository in the right hand side. You can click on the assets to directly open the editor for the assets (if you have the right permissions).