Chapter 3. Setting up a New Project

To create a project a business user has to create an organizational unit. An organizational unit is based on any domain in a particular business sector. It holds the repositories, where projects and packages can be created. Packages are deployable collections of assets like rules, fact models, decision tables and so on, that can be validated and compiled for deployment.

3.1. Creating an Organizational Unit

It is possible to create an organizational unit in the Administration perspective of Business Central, using the kie-config-cli tool, or the REST API calls.

⁠Creating an Organizational Unit in Business Central

Note that only users with the admin role in Business Central can create organizational units.

Procedure: Using Business Central to Create an Organizational Unit

  1. In Business Central, go to AuthoringAdministration.
  2. On the perspective menu, click Organizational UnitsManage Organizational Units.
  3. In the Organization Unit Manager view, click Add.

    The Add New Organizational Unit dialog window opens.

    Figure 3.1. *Add New Organizational Unit*Dialog Window

    A screenshot of the Add New Organizational Unit dialog window.
  4. Enter the two mandatory parameters (name and default group ID) and click Ok.
⁠Creating an Organizational Unit Using the kie-config-cli Tool

Organizational units can be created using the kie-config-cli tool as well. To do so, run the create-org-unit command. The tool then guides you through the entire process of creating an organizational unit by asking for other required parameters. Type help for a list of all commands.

For more information about the kie-config-cli tool, see Red Hat JBoss BRMS Administration and Configuration Guide, chapter Command Line Configuration.

⁠⁠Creating an Organizational Unit Using the REST API

Note that only users with the rest-all role can create organizational units.

To create an organizational unit in Knowledge Store, issue the POST REST API call. Details of the organizational unit are defined by the JSON entity.

Input parameter of the call is an OrganizationalUnit instance. The call returns a CreateOrganizationalUnitRequest instance.

Example 3.1. Creating an Organizational Unit Using the Curl Utility

Example JSON entity containing details of an organizational unit to be created:

	"name"         : "helloWorldUnit",
	"owner"        : "tester",
	"description"  :  null,
	"repositories" :  []

Execute the following command:

curl -X POST 'localhost:8080/business-central/rest/organizationalunits/' -u USERNAME:PASSWORD -H 'Accept: application/json' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"name":"helloWorldUnit","owner":"tester","description":null,"repositories":[]}'

For further information, see the Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite Development Guide, chapter Knowledge Store REST API, section Organizational Unit Calls.