Chapter 7. Building and Deploying Assets

Click Build & Deploy as shown in the following screen to build and deploy packages and assets.

Figure 7.1. Build & Deploy Option


The Problems window below the project screen displays error messages (for example compilation errors) that can cause a failure in the build.

You can choose to build the whole package, or its subset.

If a project contains a large number of assets (rules, decision tables, or others), the build process may be slower than usual. After a successful build, you can download the binary package as a JAR file under AuthoringArtifact Repository.

7.1. Duplicate GAV Detection

Every time you perform any of the operations listed below, all Maven repositories are checked for duplicate GroupId, ArtifactId, and Version. If a duplicate exists, the performed operation is cancelled.

The duplicate GAV detection is executed every time you:

  • Create a new managed repository.
  • Save a project definition in the Project Editor.
  • Add new modules to a managed multi-module repository.
  • Save the pom.xml file.
  • Install, build, or deploy a project.

The following Maven repositories are checked for duplicates:

  • Repositories specified in the <repositories> and <distributionManagement> elements of the pom.xml file.
  • Repositories specified in the Maven’s settings.xml configuration file.

Users with the admin role can modify the list of affected repositories. To do so, open your project in the Project Editor and click Project Settings: Project General SettingsValidation.

Figure 7.2. List of Repositories to Be Checked

repositories validation

Figure 7.3. Duplicate GAV Detected

conflicting repositories

To disable this feature, set the org.guvnor.project.gav.check.disabled system property to true.