2.5. Asset Locking Support

The default locking mechanism for locking a BPM and BRMS asset while updating it in Business Central is pessimistic. Whenever you open and modify an asset in Business Central, it automatically locks the asset for your exclusive use, in order to avoid conflicts in a multi-user setup. The pessimistic lock is automatically released when your session ends or when you save or close the asset.

The pessimistic lock feature is provided in order to help prevent users from overwriting each other’s changes. However, there may be cases when you may want to edit a file locked by another user. Business Central allows you to force unlock a locked asset. To do this:

Procedure: Unlocking assets

  1. Open the asset.
  2. Click on the Overview tab and open up the Metadata screen.

    If the asset is already being edited by another user, the following will be displayed in the Lock status field:

    Locked by <user_name>

  3. To edit the asset locked by another user, click Force unclock asset button.

    The following confirmation popup message is displayed:

    Are you sure you want to release the lock of this asset? This might cause <user_name> to lose unsaved changes!

  4. Click Yes to confirm.

    The asset goes back to unlocked state.