3.6. Adding Dependencies

To add dependencies to your project, do the following:

  1. Open the Project Editor for the given project:

    1. In the Project Explorer view of the Project Authoring perspective, open the project directory.
    2. Click Open Project Editor to open the project view.
  2. In the Project Screen view, select in the Project Settings drop-down box the Dependencies item.
  3. On the updated Project Screen, click the Add button to add a maven dependency or click the Add from repository button to add a dependency from the Knowledge Store (Artifact repository):

    1. When adding a maven dependency, a user has to define the Group ID, Artifact ID and the Version ID in the Dependency dialogue window.
    2. When adding a dependency from the Knowledge Store, select the dependency in the displayed dialog box: the dependency will be added to the dependency table.
  4. To apply the various changes, the dependencies must be saved.

Additionally, you can use the Package white list when working with dependencies. When you add a repository, you can click the gear icon and select Add all or Add none, which results in including all or none of the packages from the added dependency.


If working with modified artifacts, do not re-upload modified non-snapshot artifacts as Maven will not know these artifacts have been updated, and it will not work if it is deployed in this manner.