3.3. Troubleshooting

IBM DB2 database has problems with Dashbuilder

If you want to use an IBM DB2 database as the underlying data source for Business Central, increase the page size for the database. The default page size of 4 kB is not sufficient for the Dashbuilder table columns size.

When creating the database, force the page size to 16384 as in the example below:

Example 3.1. Adjusting Page Size


This increase in page size for the underlying database must be performed before the Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite has been run for the first time.

Non-English characters are not displayed in Dashbuilder

If you want to use UTF 8 to display non-English characters, set the encoding at the level of database for Dashbuilder to work correctly. For example, in MySQL, add the following to the server configuration file:

Oracle 11 produces multiple warnings without any cause

When you use Oracle 11 as the data source, multiple warning (WARN) messages are produced in the logs without any corresponding Business Central activity being performed. This is expected behavior. To turn off these messages, set the level of the org.hibernate.loader category of the logger to ERROR in the standalone.xml file:

<logger category="org.hibernate.loader">
  <level name="ERROR"/>