Chapter 3. Setting up a new project

To create a project a business user has to create an organizational unit. An organizational unit is based on any domain in a particular business sector. It holds the repositories, where projects and packages can be created. Packages are deployable collections of assets like rules, fact models, decision tables and so on, that can be validated and compiled for deployment.

3.1. Creating an organizational unit


Note that only user with the ADMIN role can create an organizational unit.

Procedure 3.1. Creating an organizational unit

  1. Open the Administration perspective: on the main menu, click AuthoringAdministration.
  2. On the perspective menu, click Organizational UnitsManage Organizational Units.
  3. In the Organization Unit Manager view, click on the Add button. The Add New Organizational Unit pop-up window opens.
    A screenshot of the BRMS Administration menu - Create repository pop-up window

    Figure 3.1. Add New Organizational Unit Pop-up

  4. Enter the mandatory details:
    • Organizational unit name.
    • Owner.
  5. Click OK to create the unit.