4.2. Setting Up a Decision Server

To fire all the rules through the REST API, you must register a decision server. This section illustrates:
  1. How to register a decision server
  2. How to add a new container to the decision server
See the How to set up Decision Server in 6.2 Knowledgebase article for more information about decision servers.

Procedure 4.2. Registering a Decision Server

  1. Creating a User

    You will need a new user. Due to a bug, this user needs to be named kieserver.
    1. In the command line, move into the $SERVER_HOME/bin/ directory and execute the following command:
      $ ./add-user.sh -a --user kieserver --password kieserver1! --role kie-server
  2. Creating a Decision Server

    1. On the command line, change into the $SERVER_HOME/standalone/configuration directory and edit standalone.xml so that it contains the following properties in addition to the properties located in the system-properties tag:
      <property name="org.kie.server.user" value="helloworlduser"></property>
      <property name="org.kie.server.pwd" value="Helloworld@123"></property>
      <property name="org.kie.server.location" value="http://localhost:8080/kie-server/services/rest/server"></property>
      <property name="org.kie.server.controller" value="http://localhost:8080/business-central/rest/controller"></property>
      <property name="org.kie.server.controller.user" value="kieserver"></property>
      <property name="org.kie.server.controller.pwd" value="kieserver1!"></property>
      <property name="org.kie.server.id" value="local-server-123"></property>
  3. Setting Up Containers

    1. On the command line, change into the $SERVER_HOME/bin/ directory and execute the following command:
    2. In the Business Central, click DeployRule Deployment
    3. In the displayed Server Management Browser window, you see local-server-123. Click plus on the right.
    4. The Create Container... dialog opens. Enter the following:
      • Name: myContainer
      • Click Search and next to MyProject-1.0.0.jar, click select.
      • Click Ok to create the container.
    5. Click to select myContainer and click Start to start the container