Appendix A. Revision History

Note that revision numbers relate to the edition of this manual, not to version numbers of Red Hat JBoss BRMS.

Revision History
Revision 6.2.0-7Fri Apr 21 2017Tomas Radej
Revision 6.2.0-6Wed Apr 19 2017Tomas Radej
Translation fix.
Revision 6.2.0-5Thu Apr 28 2016Tomas Radej
Updated with latest fixes.
Revision 6.2.0-4Tue Mar 29 2016Tomas Radej
Build for release update 2 of JBoss BRMS.
Revision 6.2.0-3Mon Nov 30 2015Tomas Radej
Added note about versions in Revision History, fixed changelog dates.
Revision 6.2.0-2Mon Nov 30 2015Tomas Radej
Product names and minor typos corrected.
Revision 6.2.0-1Mon Nov 30 2015Tomas Radej
Initial build for release 6.2.0 of JBoss BRMS.