2.4. Defining Roles

Before starting the server and logging onto Business Central, you will need to create some user accounts. This section describes the different user roles that are used in Red Hat JBoss BRMS:
  • admin: The users with admin role are the administrators of the application. Administrators can manage users, manage the repositories (create and clone) and have full access to make the required changes in the application. Admins have access to all areas within the system.
  • analyst: An analyst role has access to all high-level features to model projects. However, AuthoringAdministration access is unavailable to users with the analyst role. Certain lower-level features targeted towards developers, like the DeploymentArtifact Repository view are not accessible for this role. However, the Build & Deploy button is available for the analyst role while using the Project Editor.


Enter the above mentioned roles during the user creation process.