Chapter 1. Quick start with Red Hat JBoss BRMS

In this section we download, install and run Red Hat JBoss BRMS with the minimum number of instructions. For more detailed steps and alternate methods of installation, skip this section and continue reading the rest of this guide.
These instructions assume that you have the minimum supported Java version installed on your system. An existing Red Hat JBoss EAP server (version 6.4 or better) is also required as the installer does not install one.

Procedure 1.1. Red Hat JBoss BRMS Quick Start

  1. Download JBoss BRMS installer from
  2. Run installer by executing the following command:
    java -jar jboss-brms-6.2.0.GA-installer.jar
  3. Step through the GUI installer steps making note of the username/password for accessing the JBoss BRMS application after installation.
  4. After successful installation, in a command prompt, navigate to the EAP home folder where you have installed JBoss BRMS.
  5. Start the JBoss BRMS server by issuing the following command.
  6. Open a web browser and login to Business Central by navigating to http://localhost:8080/business-central/. Login using the username/password combination for accessing the JBoss BRMS application that you created at installation time.
You have successfully installed and run Red Hat JBoss BRMS. You can now do the following:
Learn more about roles: Section 2.4, “Defining Roles”
Create additional users: Section 2.5, “Creating users”
Create a Hello World Rule: Chapter 4, Hello World Rule Example
Look up detailed installation instructions for using the installer: Installation Guide