Chapter 4. Data models

Data models are models of data objects. A data object is a custom complex data type (for example, a Person object with data fields Name, Address, and Date of Birth).
Data models are saved in data models definitions stored in your Project. Red Hat JBoss BRMS provides the Data modeler, a custom graphical editor, for defining data objects.


Every data object is implemented as a POJO and you need to import its class explicitly into your Process definition to allow the Process definition to see the data object.

4.1. Data Modeler

The Data Modeler is the built-in editor for creating facts or data objects as part of a Project data model from the Business Central. Data objects are custom data types implemented as POJOs. These custom data types can be then used in any resource (such as a Guided Decision Table) after they have been imported. To open the editor, open the Project Authoring perspective, click ToolsData Modeler on the perspective menu.
Data Modeler environment


The Objects panel contains a list of data objects that constitute the data model in the given Project.


The Fields panel contains a list of fields of the data object selected in the Objects panel.


The Properties panel displays the properties of the data field selected in the Field panel.

Figure 4.1. Data Modeler environment