Chapter 9. Example Workflow: Deploying an Updated Version Concurrently with Original Application

This example workflow follows on from Example Workflow: Deploying a JBoss BPMS Project as an xPaaS Intelligent Process Server xPaaS Image, in which the 1.0 version of the example_workflow artifact was deployed with a deployment alias of ipsDemo. This example deploys a 1.1 version of the of the example_workflow artifact alongside the 1.0 version so that both versions of the example_workflow artifact are running simultaneously, both with the ipsDemo deployment alias.

  1. Update the repository with the new version of the server.
  2. Edit the .s2i/environment file for the application:

    2. Add the new version to the end of the value string, separated from the older version with a pipe.

  3. Save the changes.
  4. If the project has GitHub Webhooks configured, the new version will be deployed automatically alongside the older running applicaiton. Otherwise it can be manually built:

    $ oc start-build ips-app-demo

Once the build has completed, the two different versions of the application will be running simultaneously using the same deployment alias. See Request Targeting for Multiple Versions for more information on how client requests are redirected to the correct version of the application.