8.3. Setting the Drools and jBPM Runtime Environments

To use the Red Hat JBoss BRMS and Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite plug-ins with Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio, you must set up the runtimes.

A runtime is a collection of JAR files that represents a specific release of the software and provides libraries needed for compilation and running of your business assets.

Procedure: Configuring Red Hat JBoss BRMS and Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite Runtimes

  1. Extract the runtime JAR files located in the jboss-brms-VERSION-engine.zip or jboss-bpmsuite-VERSION-engine.zip archive that you can download from the Red Hat Customer Portal.
  2. From the Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio menu, select Window and click Preferences.
  3. To install the Drools runtime, select DroolsInstalled Drools Runtimes.

    To install the jBPM runtime, select jBPMInstalled jBPM Runtimes.

  4. Click Add…​, provide a name and a version of the new runtime, and click Browse to navigate to the directory where you extracted the runtime files in the first step. Click OK to register the selected runtime in Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio.
  5. Mark the runtime you have created as the default runtime by clicking on the check box next to it.
  6. Click OK. If you have existing projects, a dialog box will indicate that you have to restart Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio to update the runtime.