5.2. Creating Users

To start adding new users, you will need to run the add-user.sh script on a Unix system or the add-user.bat file on a Windows system from the EAP bin directory.

Procedure: Creating New Users

  1. Go to the EAP bin directory.
  2. On a Unix system, run the following command:


    On a Windows system, run:

  3. Enter b to select the application user and press Enter.
  4. Accept the default realm (ApplicationRealm) by pressing Enter.
  5. At the user name prompt, enter the user name and confirm. For example: helloworlduser.


    Make sure that the selected user name does not conflict with any known title of a role or a group.

    For example, if there is a role called admin, you should not create a user with the user name admin.

  6. Create the user password at the password prompt and reenter the password. For example: Helloworld@123.


    The password should be at least 8 characters in length and should contain upper and lower case alphabetic characters (A-Z, a-z), at least one numerical character (0-9) and at least one special character (for example ~ ! @ # $ % ^ * ( ) - _ + =).

  7. Enter a comma-separated list of roles the user will need at the roles prompt (see Section 5.1, “Defining Roles”).

    Note that Business Central users need to have at least the analyst role, while the Dashboard Builder users need to have the admin role assigned. Roles should be entered as a comma-separated list.

  8. Confirm that you want to add the user.
  9. Enter yes at the next prompt to enable clustering in the future.